Meet Julien

March 26, 2024

By: People & Culture

Julien LeRoy

An example of having an impact on the business for me is related to a period when there was the need to replace the interim COO during the pandemic. I didn't necessarily have any training in the field, and I was propelled into the role of managing operations in the context of a pandemic and all the challenges that that may have brought. This allowed me to demonstrate at the operations level, that colleagues who work from home, at the sales and administration level were always there to support them remotely, but also in turn to help them in operations.

My colleagues are what motivate me. As soon as I took on the position of Sales Director, my first mandate was to stabilize the team in terms of inside sales. What I missed when I started working in sales was having the cards in hand and a clear training process, reference tools, in French and a structure to support it all. I wanted to participate and work to rebuild a structure and offer the appropriate tools. For team cohesion, I started to set up shift activities that allowed team members to get to know each other a little, outside of the work setting. I think that’s what made the difference. To be able to tell myself, that it's not just that the customer is well taken care of, it's also making sure that the team is giving their 100% because they feel supported and at home. I think turning houses into homes means more consideration for everyone involved in Metrie. I have observed, for example, that employees have been accommodated during the pandemic, despite the difficulties of remote work and sick leaves. There were discussions to make sure morale was there and that if they needed support, we could support them. With a little more than eight years of seniority, I have noticed that people are at the heart of decisions, specifically what Metrie wants to promote. In fact, making sure people feel good is the most important thing when it comes to turning houses into homes.

Regarding the impact at the Community level, I had the chance and honor to form a team at the 24 Hours of Tremblant level over 3 years. The goal is to participate in a sports competition that supports sick and underprivileged children in the Quebec City area. This involvement has brought multiple benefits on a personal and organizational level. Participating teams have developed stronger working relationships and meaning and commitment to work for Metrie have increased.

The challenges encountered in my career are sometimes related to the support I get in my daily work. It has sometimes been difficult to have the appropriate tools to carry out certain tasks, considering the importance of French in Quebec, for example. For the sake of efficiency, I have adapted by building or improving several tools, often via Excel and by translating certain documents. I looked for additional training and information to better respond to the optimization of the tools in place.