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Minimalist Living Room Door

Doors can do more than just serve functional purposes.

Metrie and Masonite® are committed to delivering unsurpassed performance in interior doors. Masonite® has consistently built high-quality, durable doors for years and shares our dedication to crafting the best products.

We are your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, delivering distinctive doors that complement any style and personal taste. From the crisp, clean lines of our Heritage Series™ to the open, airy feel of our French Door line, we offer a breadth of moulded panel doors and wood doors to meet any design, performance and material need.

Masonite Riverside Interior Moulded Panel Door

Moulded Panel Doors

A moulded panel door is constructed by pressing two panels together to form a particular design. It is the industry benchmark for all composite wood doors. Expert construction results in a more durable door that resists warping, shrinking and cracking.

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Flush Door

Flush Doors

Flush doors have a simple design providing a contemporary look. These doors offer an affordable option perfect for a sleek, clean look in your home or office.

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