Metrie Matte Prefinished Shiplap
Metrie matte black shiplap bedroom 3


An easy alternative to the traditional painted finish, providing a smoother finish, better colour consistency, and highly durable performance characteristics:

  • Quick and easy to install

  • No painting required

  • Scratch and print resistant

  • Easy to clean

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Tips for Measuring Shiplap

Step 1: Using a tape measure, measure along the bottom of your wall for the width and from floor to the ceiling for the height.

Step 2: Once you have the height and width, multiply them together to find the square footage of the area you are covering.

Step 3: You will need to decide what size shiplap board you want to use. Once you know the size, you'll need to calculate the square footage coverage of 1 board. The most common sizes are 5-1/2 inches x 12 feet, covering 5 square feet and 7-1/4 inches x 12 feet, covering 7 square feet. If you are buying a shiplap board of a different height and/or length divide the height of the board by 12, then multiply by the length of the shiplap board to get the board’s square foot coverage.

Step 4: Take the total square footage you calculated for your project wall(s) and divide it by the square footage of an individual board to get the total amount of boards needed to complete your project.

Example: If the wall is 100 square feet and you are using 5-1/2x12 boards; divide 100 by 5, which comes to 20 boards.


You can read our step-by step installation guide below or simply download it here.

  • Level

  • Brad/Finish Nail Gun

  • Skill or Mitre Saw with Fine Tooth Blade

  • Jigsaw

  • Table Saw

  • Stud Finder

  • Rubber Mallet

  • Water Based Construction Adhesive

  • Rubbing Alcohol & Clean Cloth

  • PPE: Safety Glasses, Dust mask, etc.


1. PREPARE THE WALL: Ensure that the wall is clean, flat, and dry. Remove any existing baseboards/mouldings/trim or electrical plates.

INSTALLING DIRECTLY OVER DRYWALL: find your studs with a Stud Finder and mark them out with a line. This is important because you need to nail directly into the studs when installing.

INSTALLING DIRECTLY TO STUDS: use a Level or flat edge horizontally across the face of the studs to ensure they are straight, this will help make sure the Shiplap sits flat.

INSTALLING SHIPLAP VERTICALLY: install strapping perpendicular to the studs roughly every 16” from floor to ceiling. This will ensure you always have something to nail to. (Alternatively, install a backer board such as ½” plywood sheets over the studs.)

2. MEASURE AND CUT THE SHIPLAP BOARDS: Measure the height and width of the wall. Roughly layout the boards so that there is even spacing top and bottom, left and right. If the wall is wider than 12’, be sure to stagger the joints from row to row. Pieces can be cut to length as needed with a Skill or Mitre Saw, and a Table Saw should be used to cut the width of the boards.

PRO TIP: Give the shiplap a quick wipe-down after cutting to remove dust and allow for a quick inspection before installation.

3. HORIZONTAL INSTALLATION: Level your starter board at the bottom of the wall, making sure the nailing lip is at the top. (Draw a level, horizontal line to note where the board should sit in case you have to reposition it.) Run a couple of thin beads of Water-Based Construction Adhesive along the Shiplap, keeping the adhesive well away from the edges. Fasten the starter board to the wall, nailing through the top lip into the studs. DO NOT NAIL THE FACE OF THE SHIPLAP.

Repeat the process, installing the next piece in the row, then work your way up the wall until all boards have been installed.

VERTICAL INSTALLATION: When installing vertically, make sure the starter board is plumb, then work your way across the wall. Run a couple of thin beads of Water-Based Construction Adhesive along the Shiplap, keeping the adhesive well away from the edges.

Hold the piece into place and apply pressure from top to bottom to ensure the adhesive makes contact. Ensure the board sits flat then nail in place through the lip.

PRO TIP: When installing pieces end-to-end, make sure those ends are cut clean and square, then cut one of the ends at a 45-degree angle on the back. This helps ensure a tight fit when butting two pieces together.

4. MAKING ADDITIONAL NECESSARY CUTS: Cut the boards as needed to fit around any outlets or fixtures. When cutting around electrical boxes, we recommend making a jig. Once you have the jig correctly cut, you can transfer it to the piece you are going to cut. Trace the area to be cut and use a Jigsaw to cut out the opening. If the electrical box ends in the middle of the board, use a drill to drill out 2 corners for the jigsaw blade to fit in, then cut along the lines you traced. Continue installing Shiplap boards until the entire wall is covered.

  • Be mindful of the amount of Construction Adhesive you use -a little goes a long way! Avoid getting adhesive on the face of the material, clean immediately with a Soft Cloth and Rubbing Alcohol to avoid permanent residue.

  • Check plumb/level every 2-3 boards, ensuring an even install.

  • Make sure the boards are installed snugly together as this will keep your spacing uniform. If necessary, use a Rubber Mallet and a piece of scrap wood to tap a piece into place.

  • Product can be easily cleaned with Windex or Rubbing Alcohol.

  • If you need to nail the shiplap on the face instead of the hidden lip, a headless pin nail is recommended. This will ensure the nail hole is inconspicuous.



We recommend the following cleaning products:

  • Clorox® Bleach (diluted mixture of 90% water 10% agent is suggested)

  • Simple Green®

  • Formula 409®

  • Fantastic® antibacterial with Lemon Power Fantastik®

  • Damp Microfiber cloth

  • Soft Cloth for drying

Avoid any abrasive cleaning products of any kind

We recommend Pantone 3C2X as the best match for the matte black pre finished shiplap. Please note that  the gloss finish level will affect the perception of the color.

Our matte shiplap is a gloss level around 4. Speak to your local hardware store /paint provider for the best match based on the paint brand you are purchasing.


  • Surface Burning is rated at a Class III or Class C in accordance with CAN/ULC-S102 and ASTM-E84

  • Linear expansions meets the tolerance limits of < 0.33% measured between 50-80%RH in accordance with ASTM D1037-12

2D Film Overlay

  • Surface Burning is rated at a Class A in accordance with ASTM-E84 (flame & smoke)

Our Matte Pre-Finished Shiplap contains NO phthalates or plasticizers – compounds that are a common concern for designers and architects.

Certified quality that meets Prop 65 and Canada CEPA 1999

Please see our Certifications for additional information