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A neutral bedroom white light gray walls, white furniture and bedding. There is a large window above the bed with Polar White Metrie Complete window casing, as well as baseboard and crown. The 2 Panel Metrie Complete pre-painted door opens into the room.

We're doing our part to be kinder to our planet, through sustainable initiatives in production, natural resource stewardship and green-building-compliant mouldings and boards.

Our full line of SPERO™ Eco-wise Mouldings take better care of the environment:

  • Formaldehyde-free

  • Made from recycled wood fiber

  • Qualify for LEED credits

Sustainable Initiatives

Learn more about how Metrie leads the way for green building.

Our SPERO mouldings and boards provide a low-emission MDF solution by utilizing leading-edge resin technology that contains no formaldehyde. Made of recycled wood fiber, SPERO products qualify for LEED credits as a “Low Emitting Material” under the indoor air quality provision EQ 4.4, and for "Recycled Content" under MR 4.1 and 4.2. SPERO Hemlock products are 100% natural and contain no chemical additives, ensuring a healthy home environment. For LEED projects, SPERO Hemlock is available with FSC Certification by request. SPERO products are manufactured domestically in the United States and Canada.

All Metrie® hardwood, softwood and prefinished manufacturing facilities hold Chain of Custody certifications, in accordance with standards of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC/26-31-148) and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C081806).

In an effort to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, we purchase materials that are sourced sustainably within a 300-400 mile radius of our facilities.

Preference is given to certified wood for our raw materials and all sources continue to be risk assessed to ensure that our supply chain reaches the highest environmental standards in the industry. Many of our sources are certified to sustainable forest management certification schemes, such as FSC® C081806 and PEFC/26-31-148 endorsed Standards. In our solid wood plants, we operate our own drying kilns that are fitted with variable frequency drive units to allow the fans to run slower at certain points in the drying schedule to save energy.

We believe in maximizing wood materials which include using scrap pieces for smaller finishing profiles or other products such as dowel rods, broom handles and briquettes. Where we have trimmed ends that would otherwise be considered waste, we recycle those pieces to be used as packaging material. Any unusable wood is ground and sold as mulch, plant cover or animal bedding. Our MDF plants supply bio energy or “green fuel” to farm co-ops, delivering sustainable low cost energy to Alberta alfalfa farmers.

Within our operations, we follow LEAN manufacturing practices to ensure efficiency in production and have incorporated LEAN into our overall business culture. We are committed to delivering excellent value and service to our customers, while managing our business to sustain natural resources for future generations.