About Mouldings

Multi Purpose Mouldings & Boards

Multi purpose mouldings & boards are versatile for use in building shelves, furniture, shadow boxes and other wood-based projects or crafts or to add a decorative element to your space.


A board with four square edges.


A board with two eased edges and two square edges.


A board with four eased edges.

Rough Lumber

Unsurfaced boards with a rustic look that are rough to the touch. These boards can be surfaced and used for building furniture, cabinetry or other items.


A thin strip of flat moulding commonly used to hide seams and edges. Lattice is one of the most common pieces of moulding and can be used in a multitude of different projects.


Squares are primarily utilitarian mouldings used in the framing of shelves and cabinets, or are used to build up other profiles.


A corner guard can be used to protect the outside edges of the wall from damage and abrasion. Corner guards come in a wide variety of sizes and detailing.


A cove is most commonly used to soften the transition of inside corners, but may be used for a wide range of applications.

Picture Mould

Picture or panel moulding is an effective way to frame wall paper or fabric and add interest to walls. Picture mould can also be called picture rail moulds or picture frame moulds and are traditionally used to hang wall art with wire on the back.


Fillet or bull nose is typically used in the build up of an architrave, or as a transition between other mouldings.

Full Round

A full round can be used for numerous purposes and projects. Some of the more common uses are closet poles, curtain rods and towel rods. Similar mouldings include half rounds and quarter rounds.

Half Round

Half rounds are primarily used as decorative trim or moulding. Half rounds work well as trim pieces for wallpaper or to add a decorative pattern to flat panels. This profile can also be used to put a rounded edge on various shelving.

Quarter Round

A quarter round is a moulding that comes in several sizes and serves a variety of functions. Quarter rounds are most often used with baseboards and can be useful to cover gaps where the baseboard meets the floor.
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