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Beyond providing structural support, stairs can be a main focal point of your home and a place where you can really showcase your design style.

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Stair Parts - Newel Post

Newel Post

A newel post is the central supporting pillar of a staircase. It can also refer to an upright post that supports and/or terminates the handrail of a stair banister.
Stair Parts - Baluster/Spindle


Balusters and spindles are an important part of the staircase because they provide a foundation for the hand railing as well as an element of design.
Stair Parts - Hand/Wall Rail

Hand/Wall Rail

Hand rails provide safety, stability and support for staircases and come in many different styles including plowed or unplowed. Wall rail is attached to a wall with rail brackets and can be paired with a decorative rosette.
Stair Parts - Nose

Stair Nosing

The rounded edge of a stair tread that projects over the riser.
Stair Parts - Tread


A stair tread is the horizontal portion of a set of stairs on which a person walks.
Stair Parts - Riser


Risers are the vertical pieces on the stairs. The height of each step is called the rise.
Stair Parts - Image Grid Item - Skirt Board

Skirt Board

Skirt boards, also called stringers, are the lowest part of an interior wall along a stair case. Skirt boards provide a decorative element to your stairs while covering any gap between the stairs and the wall.
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