10 Rooms with Beautiful Wainscoting

July 11, 2017

By: The Finished Space

If you know us, you know we love dramatic interior finishings. And really, nothing says drama more that some artfully designed wainscoting applications. We’ve gathered up our top 10 favorite examples of wainscot, we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

For Blog Only - The Gold Hive - Gray Wainscot Bedroom - Side Table

The Gold Hive

Wainscot is trimwork installed in the area below a chair rail. Numerous options are available including raised panel, shadow box and beaded. Combined with a chair rail and baseboard, wainscot creates a dramatic look in any room. This design work can be used to enhance an area’s aesthetic appeal and bring out the best in a room’s furnishings. 

1. Terrene Homes

For Blog Only - Terrene Homes - Dining Room Wainscot

We love how the wainscoting in this room by Terrene Homes provides definition and contrasts with the rough and jagged lines of the beautiful wooden furniture. The smooth, sleek look of our True Craft Collection is the perfect choice, giving the room balance in design.

2. House of Bohn

For Blog Only - Karin Bohn, House of Bohn - White Wallpaper and Chair Rail Bathroom

The wainscoting in this bathroom from House of Bohn plays an important role, providing definition in a calming sea of white. The designer of this space does an excellent job by keeping a consistent look and feel. We love how the Fashion Forward panel mould surrounds this intricate wallpaper. 

3. G. A. White Homes

G.A. White Homes - Office - Fashion Forward

This office by G. A. White Homes is simply beautiful. The ornate wainscoting elevates the level of sophistication in this room. The designer used elevated wainscoting from our Metrie Fashion Forward and French Curves Collections which means the wainscot is placed higher up on the wall for a unique look. We wouldn’t mind working late in this space.

4. Mint Homes

For Blog Only - Mint Homes - Dining Room

This chic dining space from Mint Homes is the perfect place for a long dinner with family. The gorgeous windows and light fixture are simple details that make a big impact. But, what elevates this space is the stunning eggshell white wainscoting. 

5. The Friendly Designer

For Blog Only - Friendly Designer - Living Room

This serene living room from The Friendly Designer would be the perfect spot to curl up with Pinterest for an afternoon. The sleek Very Square wainscoting makes this room feel polished and refined. What makes this design work so well is the wainscoting’s color coordination with the rest of the room and furniture.

6. Kerr’s Home Products Limited

For Blog Only - Kerr's Home Products - Hallway Panel Wainscot

The wainscoting in this dining space by Kerr’s Home Products really creates a stunning contrast of light and dark. This space looks sharp and welcoming, ready to entertain guests. Because the Metrie Very Square wainscoting is crisp white, it stands out against the curves throughout the rest of the room. 

7. Terrene Homes (again!)

For Blog Only - Terrene Homes - Tall Living Room

This spacious living room from Terrene Homes Bellevue neighborhood comes to life with the magnificent columns and wainscoting. We’d love to sit by this fire all night. By keeping the wainscoting consistent with the columns, this room is aesthetically tied together for a great visual appeal.

8. Harmony Builders

For Blog Only - Harmony Builders - Chair Rail Bedroom

This serene bedroom by Harmony Builders is complemented by the tasteful wainscoting around the room. We’d love to snuggle up in this space after a long day. Using trim elements from our Fashion Forward Collection, the wainscoting adds architectural intrigue to the walls to create a beautiful aesthetic for this comforting bedroom.

9. G.A. White Homes

G.A. White Homes - Dining Room - Fashion Forward

This dining room from G.A. White is beyond amazing. The contrast between the distinct wainscoting and wide, open windows is striking. This dining area provides a welcoming comfort for a fun evening of comradeship.  A unique aspect of this space is by far the inlay of the French Curves Ikons . 

10. Atmosphere Interior Design

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Wainscot Hallway

We love all of the original pieces in this space designed by Atmosphere Interior Design. The True Craft glass doors, Fashion Forward panel mould and chair rail really add a punch of character and personality to this living room. The use of interior finishings gives this space an ultra-dramatic feeling. Don’t forget to look up and admire that beautiful wallpapered ceiling!

If you were inspired by all of these beautiful spaces with wainscoting (but really, how could you not?), check out these 10 ceilings that made us swoon, these fabulous rooms we love with architraves or these beautiful designs with chair rail for even more trimpsiration!