10 Timeless Panel Moulding Looks We Love

October 4, 2017

By: The Finished Space

It’s no secret that we love perfectly finished rooms, where no surface goes unembellished. One of our absolute favorite interior finishings is panel moulding, a delicate piece that gives a touch of elegance to any wall or ceiling. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite rooms to give you some inspiration for your next reno, or maybe just a few pins to add to your boards.

Option M - Minimalist - Living Room - Feature Wall - 2022

A panel mould, or panel moulding can refer to a variety of moulding profiles most often used to create or embellish panels on either flat or recessed surfaces. These mouldings are commonly used on doors, walls, architectural paneling, mantels and cornice assemblies.

1. Perkinson Homes

For Blog Only - Perkinson Homes - Ceiling Mould Dining Room

We just love this opulent dining room from Perkinson Homes, the palette and decor projects a high class style. However, the cherry on top is without a doubt the delicate ceiling completed with panel moulding.

2. Mint Homes

For Blog Only - Mint Homes - Living Room

Panel moulding is a great way to create a feature any space in your home! In simple white, this floor to ceiling fireplace with panel moulding in a recessed paneled application instantly becomes a feature wall in this living room designed by Mint Homes. If you’re hesitant about using panel moulding in your home, testing out the style on a small surface would be a great way to see if you like the effect without really committing.

3. Maison Design and Build

For Blog Only - Maison Design + Build - Panel Staircase

No space deserves to be bland, even a stairwell. Maison Design and Build must have felt the same way because they filled their stairwell with floor to ceiling panel moulding and we CAN NOT get enough.

4. Atmosphere Interior Design

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Wainscot Hallway

Atmosphere Interior Design sure knows the secret to turning a wall into a piece of art. We’ll let you in on the secret though—panel moulding! With decorative interior finishings on the lower part of the wall, and an expertly designed console table, any wall can become the focal point of your hallway or entryway.

5. The Haebler Group

For Blog Only - Haebler Group - Fireplace Wainscot

While we love white walls with white moulding, it can be nice to break from tradition and use some contrast instead. The Haebler Group does just that in this home, with creamy walls and crisp panel moulding. Let this room serve as a reminder not to shy away from using color to help make your interior finishings pop.

6. Kerr’s Home Products Limited

For Blog Only - Kerr's Home Products - Hallway Panel Wainscot

Resourcefulness often results in some of the most beautiful work, like in this home designed by Kerr’s Home Products Limited. Here, the designer used panel moulding paired with flat stock to create a wainscotting effect in the dining room. We’re completely in love with this use of panel moulding in a recessed paneled application to create a modern look.

7. Evelina Developments

For Blog Only - Evelina Developments - Feature Columns

Speaking of resourcefulness, Evelina Developments skillfully uses panel moulding to accentuate the columns in this space. We love how this highlights them and really makes the columns pop off the wall. Also, can we talk about the different panel moulding used on the wall behind the columns? That contrast is perfect and it’s definitely going into our Pinterest boards.

8. The Gold Hive

For Blog Only - The Gold Hive - Gray Wainscot Bedroom

We’ve already mentioned the use of panel moulding to create a recessed wainscoting, but this space is worth focusing on too. With the more modern design of this home (just look at those windows and door), Ashley of The Gold Hive needed finishing to match!

9. G.A. White Homes

G.A. White Homes - Office - Angle - Fashion Forward

It’s absolutely no secret that we love this home, the gorgeous office was in one of our first moodboards! What we didn’t mention back then was their impressive use of panel moulding, layered with flat stock, to create this dynamic look. As you can see from many of these featured spaces, it is definitely a trick you’re going have to keep in your back pocket!

10. The Friendly Designer

For Blog Only - Friendly Designer - Living Room

Elegance can be simple, like the interior finishings in this living room designed by the Friendly Designer. With classic crown moulding, architraves, and simple panel moulding used to create recessed wainscot panels, this room is perfectly finished. Classically beautiful and elegant, this room is the perfect example of a finished space.

We hope you found some inspiration for your next project here, but if you’re looking for more, check out our favorite architravesceilingsinterior doors, and wainscoting for even more swoon-worthy rooms.