14 Tips & Tricks to Get Your Whole Home Ready for the Holidays

November 2, 2021

By: The Finished Space

It’s nearly time to get into the holiday spirit. And what better way to do that than by changing your surroundings to match this most festive time of year?

Every room in your home is prime real estate for a makeover. You just have to determine your desired ambiance and look.

Do you want a light and airy atmosphere? Are you staying traditional with rich greens and reds? Or will you keep it cool with a chic, modern look? What about mixing holiday decor?

Some people do their Thanksgiving and Christmas decor at the same time, while others cover one first before taking on the other.

Whatever your process, we’re here to help you make a smooth transition. These tips and tricks will have you ready for the holidays in no time!

1. A Gratitude Blackboard

Option M - OLD - Modern Farmhouse - Shiplap Wall Ideas & Designs

Instead of telling everyone what you’re most thankful for out loud, why not write it down on a decorative blackboard? You can use a large blackboard or go for a cute mini chalkboard. Not to mention, it will give the kids something to do while you cook that delicious Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

This chalkboard idea looks even better against Metrie’s shiplap wall design. With these design elements, your dining room will be ready to roll for the holiday season.

2. Add String Lights to Your Home

Dresser with christmas string lights.jpg


String lights can be an elegant way to show your spirit and provide some function. You can put them on a table as decor or put them near the tree for illumination (and to help keep others from stepping on presents).

Want to add even more lights? String some along your Metrie casing to frame the window for an extra twinkle that people can see when passing through the neighborhood.

3. Set Up Wreaths and Floral Hangings

Front Door with Wreath.jpg


Wreaths are a must-have for your holiday makeover — but you don’t have to stick to tradition here. Get creative with your wreath-building and hang them up along with your floral decor wherever you want in your home.

Looking to hang your wreath, garland or other floral arrangements somewhere besides your door? Metrie’s batten trim is durable enough for you to hang your decorations while it also makes your space look timeless.

4. Turn On the Heat

For Blog Only - Sarah Gibson, of Room For Tuesday - Holiday Decorated Fireplace Mantle

Sarah Gibson

It’s time to get the fireplace up and running now that chillier times are here. Don’t forget to decorate your mantle to set the mood when you and your loved ones settle down in front of the fire.

Add some pumpkins or throw in some split logs nearby for the perfect cozy corner to enjoy a hot meal with your family. Metrie’s panel moulding compliments any type of holiday decor, and it can also withstand the heat of even the coziest fire.

5. Don’t Forget About the Kids

Christmas Living Room with Elf.jpg


Don’t forget the kids — they’re the ones whose faces light up the most when gift-giving time comes around. What better way to lead up to the big day than to play with the Elf on the Shelf? This game makes the whole month of December full of fun and excitement for both you and your kids.

Need a shelf for your little elf? Metrie’s shelving solutions will do just the trick — plus, they will be useful all year long!

6. Traditional Greenery

For Blog Only - Jennifer Flores, Rambling Reno - Christmas Decorated Mantle

Jennifer Flores

Two things warm the soul and exude the holiday spirit: traditional pieces and nature-inspired decor. Lanterns, floral arrangements and any rustic decor will set up the right mood or tone.

Wildflowers, corn, berries, pumpkins, fresh flowers, faux leaves and even turkeys can all bring fall into the home for the season. If you’re thinking country chic or old farmhouse, you’re on the right track.

What makes a room look even more traditional? Adding Metrie decorative moulding brings all types of classic elements to your space and will make your room stand out from the rest.

7. Keep It Light and White

For Blog Only - Bright White Christmas Tree in Living Room


Color brings a vibrant feel to the home, which is perfect for the holiday season. However, white might be what you need to make the statement you want, especially for Christmas.

White denotes purity and innocence, a perfect representation of the origin of Christmas and those who celebrate it the best — children. An all or mostly white palette is also quite chic and can help bring out the bit of color you do use to decorate.

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, keep the white trend from top to bottom by utilizing Metrie’s white baseboard caps and shoes throughout the room.

8. Implement Modern Color Coordination

For Blog Only - White Living Room with Christmas Tree


You might not want to go all-white, but still want a trendy feel to your space. Try opting for neutral colors or lighter versions instead of the traditional Christmas color scheme.

Your Metrie screen moulding or wall paint can be the white color while you add pops of color throughout the space. You can even mix the classic green and red with some metallics for a unique, modern look.

9. Light More Candles

Holiday Decorated Dinning Room.jpg


Imagine a candlelit Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas lunch. Candles radiate festivity all while relaxing you from having to run around decorating. Not to mention, they are an affordable decoration that also makes your space smell like yummy gingerbread or spiced pumpkin — whatever you prefer.

With all the people gathered around for your candle-lit holiday feast, make sure to protect your walls from the backs of people’s chairs. Rely on Metrie’s chair rail to prevent scuffs and scratches, so you can relax and enjoy the great meal you prepared.

10. Use Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Chrsitmas Trees and Shiplap Fireplace.jpg


You can use a mini Christmas tree as the main tree in your living area, or use them to dot the house with festivity. Mini Christmas trees are adorable and convenient. They can go on the floor or on tables. And they steal the spotlight as much as any full-sized tree!

You can even find super tiny Christmas trees to sit on your Metrie window sills throughout the house — how cute is that?

11. Throw On Some Red Bedding

Dee Murphy - Green Bunk Beds


The bedroom from Dee Murphy is the perfect place to throw in some red plaid, checkered or solid red bedding. Snuggle under the blankets knowing you’ve set yourself up to dream of festive fun.

Most kids want to share bunk beds — especially when it comes to staying up late on Christmas Eve. These bunk beds also have built-in shelves, perfect for storage or adding more holiday knick-knacks. Metrie shelving can help you achieve this look, and your kids are guaranteed to go crazy over this design.

12. Hang Up Old Pictures

Christmas Tree and Fireplace with stockings.jpg


It’s time to blow the dust off your old pictures handed down to you from relatives. Buy some festive frames and fill them with drawings, paintings or pictures of your loved ones, both those who are gone and those alive, to keep your holiday time focused on the right thing.

Running out of places to hang pictures? Utilize your Metrie flat stock and rest some picture frames on it to display the memories for holiday guests.

13. Revamp Your Railing

Holiday Decorated Railing.jpg


Decorating your railing is a great way to transition your upstairs and downstairs without disrupting the festive flow. You can hang some green garlands on your railing and mix them with mittens, scarves, ornaments, pine, twigs and some plaid accents.

Metrie handrails look fabulous in any home, and they will be useful for guests of all ages when they come to visit for the holidays.

14. Throw In a Toy Train

Christmas Tree with Toy Train.jpg


You may or may not have kids in the house. And I’m here to tell you, it means nothing when it comes to decorating your home with toys. They can be functional or just for looks. The idea is to tap into your child-like vigor for the season!

Worried about your baseboard getting scratched up from the moving trains? Metrie’s baseboards are stylish and durable, so you can relax while your kids — or you — play with the festive toy!

Just Be You for the Season!

You can adopt as many or as few of these tips and tricks to get your home ready for the holidays. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you show off your holiday cheer, so make your personality shine through!

If you need help picking the perfect moulding and trim to finish your design, check out Metrie products at these in-person locations.

Or browse other festive design ideas that might help inspire your project.