The Architrave Moulding Ultimate Guide

February 28, 2022

By: The Finished Space

Architrave moulding is incredibly common in homes around the world, but most people don’t realize it. Even though it’s often hidden in plain sight, many homeowners can’t identify it.

Most people don’t know what this moulding type looks like, how it’s used, and why.

Likewise, its function and history are a mystery, but we’re here to dispel that! Here’s the ultimate guide to architrave moulding, including its uses, where it came from, and even some stunning examples to get those creative juices flowing.

What is Architrave?

Metrie Complete - Living Room - Architrave

Architrave moulding is a type of interior moulding featured in homes, apartments, offices, and other buildings worldwide. In simple terms, it’s a form of trim used to accent or highlight a window, door, or opening. It’s sometimes referred to as a pediment or header.

It’s typically installed around doors and windows. Though, in rare instances, you might find it encasing an entryway. It’s often confused with door casings, door frames, window casings, and window frames. It’s similar to those things, but it’s actually a completely unique interior design element on its own.

A Brief History

Architrave moulding has a vast history that dates back over 1,400 years. It became prominent again during the fashionable Tudor period when architects started using it to add opulent finishings to building designs.

It has quite an illustrious history, has evolved over centuries and is now used most often in traditional-style homes. Now you’ll find it adorning doors and windows all over the world. Of course, while many things have changed, the purpose of architrave moulding is still the same as it was many years ago.

What’s the Purpose of Architrave Moulding?

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Grand Architrave Opening into Dining Room

Atmosphere Interior Design

Like the ancient Greeks and the Tudors, modern home designers and developers use architrave moulding to add elegance and flair to their interior design. Set high above windows and doors, architraves create a sense of grandeur. They add luxury to your design and elevate the look of your rooms.

Architrave moulding isn’t just for show, however. There are also practical applications for its use. It reduces miter lines, conceals the door or window’s joint, and covers the open space between the wall and the casing.

What is Architrave Made Of?

Architrave moulding can be found in many different materials. In the ancient days, it was made of stone. In modern times, you’ll typically find it in either hardwood, softwood, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Hardwood is generally the most expensive option, while MDF is the most cost-effective.

Sometimes, you’ll find architrave moulding made of ceramic, aluminum, rubber, PVC, and plaster. However, those materials aren’t commonly used.

3 Beautiful Examples of Architrave Moulding

No ultimate guide would be complete without some examples! You can probably look around your home or the homes of your friends and family to find some gorgeous examples already, but we’ve done one better.

Architrave moulding is typically installed around doors, windows, and openings. Here are three beautiful uses of architrave moulding in the three most common areas of a home:

1. Elevate Your Doors

Colonial Door Casings

Here’s a classic example of how doors look with architrave moulding. When a simple door casing isn’t enough, why not elevate your design aesthetic with gorgeous architrave moulding? It’s an excellent way to add a level of luxurious dimension to your doorways without drawing too much focus or attention.

2. Reinvent Your Windows

Window Architrave

There’s no reason to stop with your doors when you have just as many windows! Installing breathtaking architrave moulding might be just the touch you need to elevate your design aesthetic to a whole new level. This is an ideal way to add a touch of intrigue to your rooms without creating a brand-new focal point.

3. Highlight Your Entryways

For Blog Only - Calista Interiors - Open Entryway with Architrave

Calista Interiors

Architrave moulding is most commonly associated with doors and windows, but it can, and should, be installed in other places. Take a look at this stunning entryway. The designer used architraves to highlight the opening, which adds a touch of elegance without pulling any focus from the showstopper of a living room.

The only design limitations are the ones you set on yourselves. Architrave moulding can be used to elevate the design in any part of your home – doors, windows, openings, and wherever else you want! Bring your aesthetic to new heights with this simple and gorgeous design element.

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