13 Stylish Bathroom Shiplap Ideas

December 20, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Adding shiplap to your bathroom is an excellent way to add a subtle touch of intrigue and drama without pulling focus. It’s an incredibly diverse design feature that can fit almost any design aesthetic, and when applied thoughtfully, it can even make a room feel bigger. 

Here are fifteen stylish bathroom shiplap ideas to inspire your next home improvement project.

1. Black and White Theme with Horizontal Shiplap Backsplash

For Blog Only - Lily Ann Cabinets - Shiplap Bathroom

Lily Ann Cabinets

Make a statement with hard lines and the gorgeous contrast of black and white features. The shiplap used in this bathroom adds a touch of intrigue to the backsplash and ties the entire design together. We especially love the pop of nature.

2. Palatial Bathroom with Full Shiplap Walls and Ceiling

For Blog Only - Thom Filicia - Large Blue Shiplap Bathroom

Designer: Thom Filicia | Photographer: Pieter Estersohn

When you have the space available to you – use it! The designer of this beautiful palatial bathroom decided to pair tongue and groove styling for the walls with a shiplap ceiling. It makes the room feel more open and inviting, which is ideal for this calming and sophisticated aesthetic.

3. Enlightened Powder Room with Shiplap Wainscoting

For Blog Only - Emily Henderson - Blue Shiplap Wainscotting Bathroom

Emily Henderson

The designer of this bathroom did something similar, except they proved that you shouldn’t be afraid of color. The ocean blue used in the shiplap is carried beautifully into the wallpaper design, proving that you can experiment with color and create a gorgeous bathroom.

4. Balance Dark with Floral Wallpaper

Whole Room Shiplap

This black shiplap perfectly complements the blue floral wallpaper. This design pairs elegance with classic sensibilities by mixing two types of accent walls and creates a bathroom that is truly worthwhile.

5. Embrace the Dark to Create a Cozy Powder Room

Black Horizontal Shiplap Bathroom.png

While many designers like to use lighter-toned shiplap, we fully support the bold designers who like their shiplap dark. This navy-blue bathroom is ideal for a homeowner who craves elegance and wants to wow their guests.

6. Bright Farmhouse Bathroom with Homey Shiplap Ceiling and Accent Wall

For Blog Only - Shiplap Ceiling in Bathroom

Source: https://sebringdesignbuild.com/shiplap-siding-ceiling-design-ideas/#iLightbox[123f5cb93c1ae627c80]/0

Here’s another large bathroom that utilizes shiplap to perfection. The perfectly placed lines in the ceiling and accent wall create unimaginable symmetry. Again, we love the symmetrical pop of nature.

7. Mosaic Tiles and Bright Colors Create a Playful Setting

Green Cabinets Shiplap Bathroom.png

Source: https://sebringdesignbuild.com/shiplap-siding-ceiling-design-ideas/#iLightbox[f643a952801aae9af32]/0

Utilizing mosaic tiles in conjunction with shiplap is an ingenious way to combine two totally different but highly complementary items. The green vanity and the colorful rug make this a playful and fun bathroom for all ages.

8. Intimate Bathroom with Distressed Shiplap Ceiling

Bathroom with distressed Shiplap Ceiling.png

Source: https://sebringdesignbuild.com/shiplap-siding-ceiling-design-ideas/#iLightbox[1e57ea33f9d93b968d5]/0

Check out this intimate and sophisticated bathroom aesthetic. Sometimes, the best way to use shiplap is to leave it alone. The distressed look of the shiplap ceiling complements the woodgrain dual-vanity and door frames, creating one of the coziest bathrooms we’ve ever seen.

9. Fresh Shiplap Walls Underscored with Handsome Wooden Furnishings

For Blog Only - Debi Traub - Shiplap Bathroom with Gold Fixtures

Debi Traub

For smaller bathrooms, it’s best to keep it simple. Shiplap walls with gorgeous wooden furnishings and gold fixtures – this bathroom doesn’t need anything else. This designer truly understood the value of subtlety.

10. Classic Clawfoot Bathtub Nestled Underneath Thick Shiplap Wall

Shiplap Bathroom Clawfoot Bathtub.png

Would you look at those floors and that clawfoot tub? When you’re dealing with this level of luxury, white shiplap walls are the way to go. They have an understated aesthetic and allow all the focus to be drawn elsewhere.

11. Clean, Full White with Criss-Crossed Lines of Brick Meeting Shiplap

For Blog Only - DLUX Design & Co - Shiplap and Brick Bathroom

DLUX Design & Co

This bathroom design is such a unique way to use shiplap, and we are here for it! By adding shiplap on the top and bricked tiles on the bottom, you get criss-crossed lines that add flare and create a breathtaking dynamic. Since they’re painted white, the feature is allowed to settle into the background, so you only notice it if you’re looking for it.

12. Deep Blue Shiplap and Chair Rail Pop Off the Wall

For Blog Only - Emily Henderson - Blue Chair Rail with Wainscotting

Emily Henderson

Here’s another use of dark blue shiplap paired with a chair rail that would make any homeowner or interior designer giddy with excitement. It was also a wise decision to carry the dark color in the picture and frame and bits of white into the bottom. This allowed the designer to break up the solid colors and keep their design fluid.

13. Classic White Brick and Marble with Dark Blue Shiplap and Set-in Farmhouse Windows

For Blog Only - Emily Henderson - Blue Shiplap Bathroom

Emily Henderson

This is the best of everything. Dark blue shiplap, a brick shower, a clawfoot tub, gorgeous floors, and tons of natural light. This bathroom was meticulously designed to deliver peak comfort and maximize coziness – and we absolutely adore it!

Use Shiplap in Your Bathroom Renovation

As you can see, there are lots of amazing ways to use shiplap in your bathroom renovation. 

For more beautiful shiplap and crown moulding examples, check out our inspiration galleries. If you’re curious which crown moulding is suitable for your style, check out Option {M} today. It’s a tool that pairs popular design trends with complementary moulding styles.