5 Bathroom Chair Rail Ideas

December 27, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom and looking for unique ideas to get the most out of your renovation? Most people don’t immediately think of chair rails when amping up their bathroom design. After all, chairs aren’t a common feature in bathrooms, so why would you need a chair rail?

A chair rail is a common decorative element that also serves as a protective barrier in high-traffic areas. It has both style and function, making it an excellent design feature.

In fact, a chair rail can add an exciting touch to any room in your home, and that includes the bathroom. Not convinced? Here are five beautiful bathroom chair rail designs to help inspire your next bathroom renovation:

1. Experiment with Texture and Symmetry

For Blog Only - DLUX Design & Co - Shiplap and Brick Bathroom

DLUX Design & Co

Experiment with texture and geometric shapes to create a bathroom you’d be delighted to relax in. The window lets in just enough natural light while maintaining a high level of privacy.

The chair rail creates a separation that breaks the wall into two parts. You’ll see this a lot with chair rails, as it’s the most common way to utilize this design element.

The designer of this room was able to break up the design and create a lot of texture utilizing chair rail, shiplap, and exposed brick. This symmetry creates a peaceful atmosphere, making this an ideal room to relax and pamper yourself.

2. Add Dimension

For Blog Only - Karin Bohn, House of Bohn - White Wallpaper and Chair Rail Bathroom

Karin Bohn

Chair rails also enable homeowners and designers to create intricate dimensions. This bathroom might still look great without the chair rail, however the rail adds a necessary break in the design, and elevates it to a new level.

That’s the beauty of a chair rail. There’s no need to overdesign or get eccentric. Less is more, and the chair rail is the ideal tool for that.

This bathroom utilizes soft colors, off-white elements, and gorgeous moulding to create an intricate, dimensional design that doesn’t have to scream to be noticed. It is both understated and luxurious.

3. Experiment with Color

Pink and White Chair Rail Bathroom.png

We’ve already talked about how chair rails can be used to break up design patterns in a room, but this takes that concept to a whole new level. This design is color blocking done right.

The bottom section is minimal and white, with matching sinks and chrome fixtures to further highlight the minimalism. The top half takes that idea and tweaks it just a bit by coloring the walls soft pink and filling in the moulding with an intricate pattern.

The result is fantastic! This bathroom is an understated and gorgeous use of color experimentation. This is truly the perfect reminder that color, serenity, and sophistication can all be part of the same design aesthetic.

4. Get Creative

For Blog Only - Emily Henderson - Blue Shiplap Wainscotting Bathroom

Emily Henderson

Bathrooms are notoriously smaller than most of the rooms in your home, which can feel limiting. Many designers like to keep it minimal, so the bathroom doesn’t get too loud and vibrant. After all, this is a room that should feel comfortable and inviting.

Just because a room is small doesn’t mean it has to be quiet. In fact, a lot can go a long way in a small space, so feel free to get creative and express yourself.

In this bathroom, the designer utilized a higher chair rail to create separate sections. The bottom section is all about clean lines painted a calming ocean blue. The top area takes that color and combines it with black and white to create a fun and eccentric pattern.

Paired with chrome fixtures, a simple mirror, and a gorgeous sink, and you have a bathroom that any guest would be happy to use. Remember: beautiful doesn’t mean boring. Get creative and have some fun with your bathroom design.

5. Transform Your Space

For Blog Only - Trim and Interior Doors - Bathroom

When it comes to amping up your space and delivering high-end luxury, there’s nothing quite like crown moulding. The designer of this bathroom understood that concept and utilized it to perfection.

The chair rail in this master bathroom perfectly matches the trim around the door and the moulding accents. By using only one color, they were able to create a ton of dimension without pulling focus. As a result, the small pops of white crown moulding, baseboards, and vanity really stand out.

This is a room that looks and feels opulent and luxurious. The symmetry and use of clean lines make it an ideal place to relax and unwind. Plus, it’s a great room to show off to your guests.

Partner with Metrie to Elevate Your Bathroom Renovation

Revolutionize the design of your bathroom by incorporating a chair rail. You can use the designs shown above as inspiration or create your own signature look. For more ideas, check out our inspiration gallery, which features inspiring designs from all over the world.

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