Bryan Inc. Ep. 12 | An Olympian’s Gym

May 2, 2018

By: The Finished Space

Despite having experienced grueling weather in this latest episode of HGTV Canada’s Bryan Inc.Bryan and Sarah Baeumler continued to persevere to deliver an outstanding makeover for a young family.

Former Olympian Allison Forsyth and her husband, Steve, assigned the Baeumlers with the task of completing their entire basement. From an endearing family room to a home office, and a fully functional gym, Bryan and Sarah were able to deliver on everything their client’s had ever wanted!

Family Room 


Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

As we enter the above ground basement, we find ourselves in the family room. With alluring blue hues, this space is truly awe-inspiring!

Not to mention, our Very Square baseboard and casing possess strong, crisp lines, which offers a juxtaposed effect to the rest of the space’s soft textile patterns and rustic wooden beams.

On a side note, we love how the animalistic figurines and toys add a touch of playfulness in this otherwise stylish space.

Bedroom & Office


Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

Moving on to the home office, this space also multitasks as a potential guest bedroom. To enter the home office, you’ll need to go through our True Craft interior door, which is hung on a barn door track.

We love how Sarah chose to coat the door in a light blue hue to contrast against the dark hardware—giving this space a great balance of whimsical charm and industrial edge. With that being said, wonderful blue tones continue throughout the office along with the use of our interior doors, and you’ll notice our Very Square baseboard and casing make an appearance in here as well.

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Source: HGTV Canada / Photography: Jarrett Ford

Allison was part of Canada’s Olympic team, where she represented her country at the 2002 Winter Olympics. So, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle was important to this Olympian. That being said, having a fully functional home gym will definitely be more convenient for Allison since she has a young son.

Our True Craft doors are also spotted in here, but our favorite aspect of this fabulous and function room has to be the rock-climbing wall, as it boasts beautiful use of shiplap for subtle visual interest. The versatile use of the wall treatment can transcend beyond the boundaries of this home gym and can be used in, essentially, any space! You can recreate this look and give your wall a glow-up with our Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap, or our tongue & groove paneling!


This concludes the highlights of this episode. To see Allison and Steve’s tear-jerking reaction to the makeover, click here!

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