15 Beautiful Ceiling Treatments for Your Home

July 6, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Ceilings are a practical and usually modest part of every home. A ceiling acts as a 5th wall and will protect you from the outdoors, create excellent acoustics, and hold lights, chandeliers, and ceiling fans securely in place. Most houses have an attic, and yet, many people forget about them when they’re designing their homes.

Ceilings are practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Why not feature them in your design aesthetic? Here are fifteen beautiful ceiling treatments to help inspire your next design project:

1. Intricate and Bold

Black Ceiling with Trim.jpeg

Credit: https://www.byrombuilding.com/ 

This designer has created a ceiling treatment,  through the use of intricately placed crown molding, that looks like it belongs in an art gallery. By using a dark, bold paint color, they’ve created a statement that perfectly complements the tall ceilings in this room. Who said you have to keep your ceilings white? This treatment is a true testament to the fact that not all ceilings are created equally.

2. Architectural Flare

For Blog Only - Karin Bohn, House of Bohn - Honeycomb Coffered Ceiling Kitchen

Karin Bohn

Commonly found in traditional design aesthetics, here’s some proof that you can pair contemporary ideas with architectural flair. Notice how this honeycomb-inspired design masterfully utilizes crown moulding to create seamless transitions between the wall, ceiling, and recesses. In addition, matching the walls and cabinetry gives this design a touch of subtlety, which helps with cohesion.

3. Revolutionize the Tray Ceiling

G.A. White Homes - Office - Shiplap - Gray Home Office with Nature Windows

We’re always a fan of creating unique lighting experiences. By utilizing the recesses of this tray ceiling to create indirect lighting, this designer has shown that warmth can come from anywhere. Paired with large wraparound windows and dark crown moulding, this room really comes to life!

4. Create Drama and Intrigue

For Blog Only - Classic Cottages LLC - Empty Open Coffered Ceiling Living Room

Classic Cottages LLC

This coffered ceiling creates drama and intrigue without being overwhelming – and we love it! This open-concept living room doesn’t even need furniture to look stunning. Thanks to perfectly centered recessed lighting, crown moulding-lined beams, and beautiful hardwood floors, this room is really something special.  

5. All White and Lots of Light

For Blog Only - The Haebler Group - Simple White Kitchen

The Haebler Group

Here’s a modern take on the classic all-white kitchen. This kitchen is gorgeous, utilizing a sliding glass barn door with a beautiful tree silhouette and stunning hardwood floors. Don’t forget about the ceiling treatment!

It’s subtle and intricate. The indirect lights and small recessed lighting create a warm and inviting ambiance, and the crown moulding creates seamless transitions that tie the entire room together.

6. Four Quadrants

Four Quadrant Ceiling Dining Room.png

Credit: https://www.haebler.ca/

This four-quadrant ceiling combines a traditional aesthetic with an ornate style. The circular point where all four beams meet creates drama, and the hanging chandelier is the perfect finishing touch.

The use of wallpaper on the ceiling is a creative and beautiful example of how bold designs can make lasting impressions.

7. Embrace Shiplap

Raw Shiplap Kitchen.png

 Source: https://austin.curbed.com/2019/9/26/20885165/austin-homes-for-sale-east-holly

The designer of this stylish kitchen isn’t afraid of embracing shiplap. Utilizing a different type of shiplap for the walls and ceilings combined with plank flooring probably shouldn’t work – but it does! Paired with industrial light fixtures and subtle crown moulding, this design is picture-perfect proof that mixing and matching is never a bad thing.

8. Eye-Catching Simplicity

For Blog Only - Ivory Homes - Foyer with Ceiling Panel


This home was designed from floor to ceiling, with grey hardwood floors and dark banisters, and decadent chandeliers. A simple but eye-catching recessed ceiling with asymmetrical recessed lighting is an ideal choice. It doesn’t have to be bold to be beautiful.

9. Creating Layers

Geometric Design Dining Room.jpeg

The geometric designs on the accent walls. The pops of earth tones scattered throughout the room. The golden fixture hanging from the ceiling. There’s so much gorgeous eye candy in this room that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

It’s difficult not to notice and praise this ceiling treatment. The designer of this room created layers in the ceiling, utilizing crown moulding as a border between the various colors and shapes. This look can also be achieved by adding a layer of dimension with hexagon acoustic panels on the walls of the room. What a unique and innovative design!

10. Play with Different Textures

textured ceiling.jpeg

Credit: https://www.mendelsongroupinc.com/portfolio Photography: http://www.alanbarryphotography.com/ 

Why don’t we take a closer look at the gorgeous ceiling treatment from option number nine? From this angle, it’s more apparent how the layers and shapes were created. Up close, it’s also easier to see how the different textures create drama and intrigue. What a showstopper!

11. Patterned Shiplap

Patterned Shiplap Ceiling Living Room.jpeg

Source: https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/how-to-choose-types-of-windows-for-your-whole-house  

Most designers like their shiplap in straight horizontal lines, however this designer took a different approach – and the results are astounding! They utilized shiplap to create a crisscross pattern, which was such a brilliant and unique choice. As you can see, shiplap can be used in many interesting and exciting ways.

12. Rustic and Modern

For Blog Only - Modest Marce - Rustic Shiplap Sunroom

Modest Marce

Here’s another example of a shiplap ceiling that is absolutely breathtaking. The clean, delicate lines create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere, and the natural wood grain of the unpainted beams accentuates the color, adding some rustic style to this modern design.

13. Embody Your Surroundings

Stone Fireplace Open Living Room

Can we please take a second to praise this breathtaking living room? It’s an architectural marvel. This ceiling treatment embraces bold lines and hard edges, which effortlessly embodies the mountainous terrain in the background. Can’t you just imagine sitting by the fire and watching the sunset? It’s a dream!

14. Inspired by Modern Art

Modern Art Living Room.jpeg

 Credit: http://www.melanieturnerinteriors.com/ Photography: https://besslerphoto.com/

If you love modern art and playing with shapes, this is the perfect ceiling treatment for you. Notice how the crown moulding perfectly highlights the recessed ceiling. From the paintings to the fixture hanging from the ceiling, this room feels like it was taken right out of  a modern artist’s interior design catalog.

15. Black Ceilings, White Walls

Black Shiplap Ceiling Mudroom.jpeg

Source: https://www.sophieburkedesign.com/#/west-point-grey-residence-2/

There’s nothing quite as classic as the black and white aesthetic. When it’s done right, it is absolutely stunning. Notice how these shiplap ceilings create uniformity and clean lines that bleed into the rest of the design. Coupled with the black tile floors, the built-in shelves, and the little peek of nature, this is the perfect ceiling treatment for a modern homeowner. 

Choose a Ceiling Treatment That Matches Your Lifestyle

Looking for some help identifying your ideal design aesthetic? You should check out Option {M}. It’s a great way to discover a design style that is perfect for your lifestyle.