3 Chamfer Strip Trim & Moulding Design Ideas

July 11, 2022

By: The Finished Space

There are seemingly countless trim and moulding types on the market, and it can be easy to lose track of all the different trim types. It’s especially easy when the trim types aren’t super common or well-known. That’s definitely the case with chamfer strip moulding.

In reality, you’ve probably seen chamfer moulding before, but you just didn’t know that’s what you were seeing. Chamfer strips are one of those finishing touches that are easy to miss at first glance, but they can make a huge impact.

In this article, we’re going to discuss chamfer strip moulding, including what it is, its purpose, and where you typically find it. Additionally, we’ll chat about the practicality of chamfer moulding and share some chamfer strip design ideas to inspire your next design.

What is Chamfer Strip Moulding?

Corner Stone Building

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Chamfer is a broad term that describes a transitional edge between two faces on an object. It’s sort of like a bevel, but its primary purpose is to create a smoother transition.

Chamfers are used in machining, furniture, carpentry, mirrors, concrete formwork, and more. In this article, though, we’re talking specifically about chamfer strip moulding.

Chamfer Strip Product Screenshot

Shaped like a tiny, three-dimensional triangle, chamfer strip moulding is a type of trim used primarily where the top of the kitchen cabinet meets the wall. It can also sometimes be used as a linoleum cove or in window applications.

It’s a small, delicate piece of trim (only ¾ inches) that creates a more finished final look. Practically speaking, chamfer strip moulding is a terrific (and more cost-effective) alternative to using crown moulding on the tops of cabinets. It can smooth the transition subtly but effectively.

Perhaps the best way to understand chamfer strip moulding and its role in a space is to see it in action. Let’s look at some beautiful designs that include chamfer moulding.

3 Chamfer Strip Trim Design Ideas to Inspire Your Design

Here are three different kitchens that incorporate chamfer strips into their design seamlessly. In each example, you’ll see how chamfer moulding creates a simple but aesthetically pleasing impact in any design.

1. A Complementary Addition to a Modern Kitchen

For Blog Only - Wood Paneling Kitchen

The stunning kitchen shines with its unique and jaw-dropping details. From the horizontal shiplap walls and the iron wrought chairs to the grey open-faced counters and modern light fixtures, this design has left no stone unturned. Unsurprisingly, it’s easy to miss the chamfer strip moulding at first glance. However, take a peek on top of the cabinets, and you’ll see a tiny grey strip that transitions the cabinets to the ceiling. That’s the chamfer strip moulding in action. It’s doing its part to complete the look without drawing away attention from the rest of the space.

2. Continuing the White and Bright Aesthetic

White Kitchen

Is there anything more appealing than a white and bright kitchen? Thanks to all the thoughtful design choices, this kitchen is pretty enough to be featured in an upscale home design magazine. The monochromatic coloring elevates this aesthetic. The all-white walls contrast with the stainless-steel appliances, and the understated trim around the room really seals the look together. The white chamfer strip moulding just blends right into the rest of this design and further upholds the beauty of the space.

3. A Bohemian and Earthy Kitchen Complemented with Chamfer Strips

For Blog Only - Green Cabinet Kitchen

This bohemian kitchen’s earth tones and unique features are sure to impress the free spirits. The plants, the white tile backsplash, the quirky décor on the shelf, and the absence of conventional cabinet space, make this a kitchen that isn’t easy to forget. However, despite its whimsy, everything in this kitchen is well-conceived and perfectly placed, including the chamfer strip moulding.

Add Chamfer Strip Moulding to Your Next Design

Ultimately, chamfer strip moulding is a subtle but powerful finishing touch that creates a simple and aesthetically pleasing final look.

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