Decorating Ideas for a Craftsman Style Home

August 23, 2022

By: The Finished Space

The Craftsman style is a design and architectural trend that started during the American Craftsman movement at the beginning of the twentieth century. It began as a sort of backlash against the design trends at the time.

The Industrial Revolution had made it possible to use machines to mass produce products – including building materials. As a result, ornate, Victorian-inspired homes were all the rage leading up to the twentieth century. It was a design movement that celebrated what machines could do.

The Craftsman design movement celebrated the opposite. Craftsman design celebrates what human beings can craft with their own hands. It’s about appreciating craftsmanship and honoring the beauty of classic design.

Originally, the Craftsman design aesthetic was more prominent outside the home. However, the style didn’t take long to make its way inside and become a sought-after interior design aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at interior Craftsman-style design. Then, we’ll look at how you can create the Craftsman interior design in your own home with some modern examples.

Bringing the Outside Inside: Modern Craftsman Interior Design

When you bring the modern Craftsman style into the home, there are a few common features. For example, modern Craftsman interior design generally includes some combination of the following:

  • Open Rafters and Beams in the Ceiling

  • Natural Materials (including wood, brick, stone, tiles, glass, etc.)

  • Hand-Crafted Items

  • Wider Windows and Doors

  • High-Quality Trim, Moulding, Baseboards, and Other Finishing Touches

  • Built-In Cabinetry and Shelves

  • Earthy Colors

  • Subdued, Classy Decorations

When combined, these features typically create a Craftsman-style interior. You can find Craftsman-style living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dens. Virtually every room in the home can be decorated to fit this motif. Let’s look at some Craftsman-style designs to see how this aesthetic looks.


5 Examples of Modern Craftsman Interior Design

Take a look at this gorgeous Craftsman-style interior. From top to bottom, this room dazzles with details that bring this traditional style together. However, when you look at it all at once, it can be hard to notice all the little things working together to make this design work. So let’s take a closer look.

Here are five stunning examples of how the details can work together to create an exceptional Craftsman-style. In each example, you’ll find plenty of decorating ideas for your Craftsman-style home.

1. A Medley of Finishing Touches

Here’s another peek at the entire room. In this picture, you can see the exposed ceiling beams, shiplap, and two exaggeratedly wide exits (with and without doors). You can also see the classic fireplace, large mantle, and complementary trim throughout the entire space. All of these features are classic elements of Craftsman interior design.

The neutral color palette and understated décor work well to bring this entire den into the modern Craftsman aesthetic. You’ll also notice that there is a lot of symmetry and classic materials in the space.

2. Accentuated Shiplap and Complementary Trim 

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Mantle - 2021

In this closer-look photo, you can really see that the shiplap walls are actually created with thin pieces of trim. This extra detail adds dimension and really brings the hand-crafted component of modern Craftsman design into this room. In addition, the thick moulding along the top of the shiplap and shelf further accentuates this statement shelf.

3. Built-in Shelving Beneath a Three-Dimensional Window

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window Shelf - 2021

Built-in shelves are customary in the Craftsman style. The symmetry of this shelf nook highlights the attention to detail. As you’ll notice, rather than leaving the square window flat, the designer accentuated its shape and effect by surrounding it with a thick complimentary trim and casing.

The furniture choice here is also worth noting. It’s a minimalist chair made from leather and wood, which is very much in tune with the Craftsman design.

4. Door Casing in a Cozy Nook

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Cropped - 2021

In this image, you’re really able to see all the fine details, like the door casing, crown moulding, and ceiling. These finishing touches work together to create a space that feels expertly and intentionally crafted. The matching details, like the iron-wrought light and door handles, illustrate this point.

The Craftsman design aesthetic is all about ensuring every single inch of the space has a hand-crafted feeling. It should feel like every choice was intentional, and each element took time to create.

5. Accentuated Square Windows

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window - 2021

Just like the other window, this little, square window was the perfect opportunity to add even more high-quality pieces to complete the design. While a simple window would have worked here, the quality casing and trim help elevate it to new heights and bring the whole look together.

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