10 Craftsman Style Moulding and Trim Design Ideas

August 23, 2022

By: The Finished Space

10 Craftsman Style Moulding and Trim Design Ideas

The Craftsman style is an architectural and design trend that began at the turn of the twentieth century. It's an aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of hand-crafted details, simplicity, and functionality.

The Craftsman style really began as an exterior style. However, it has also made its way indoors to become a classic interior design option. Craftsman-style interiors have a few common features, such as: extensive woodwork, thick-framed windows and doors, built-in bookshelves, hardwood floors, neutral colors, beamed ceilings, and more.

In general, Craftsman-style interiors feel cozy and inviting. They're meant to feel warm and unpretentious. The most successful Craftsman-style interiors combine several details to create the perfect final look.

One of the must-have details is moulding and trim. Trim and moulding each play a significant role in a modern Craftsman-style interior. Without it, the aesthetic wouldn't be right. Today, we are going to look at some examples of Craftsman-style moulding and trim to inspire your next design.

10 Beautiful Examples of Craftsman Style Trim and Moulding

These ten beautiful examples are all from the same exquisitely decorated Craftsman-style sitting room. In each example, you can see how trim and moulding play a critical role in creating the perfect modern Craftsman-style interior. 

1. Mix-and-Match Colors for Maximum Impact

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Wide - 2021

In most Craftsman-style designs, homeowners stick to classic color schemes. However, in this example, you can see how impactful mixing-and-matching two neutral colors can be. They even chose different colors for the crown moulding, door casings, and chair rail moulding. It's a daring move that really pays off.

2. Thick-Trim Windows for Simple Symmetry

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Fireplace - 2021

Thick-trimmed windows are a classic detail in Craftsman-style interiors. In this den, the designers have decided to do it twice. Thanks to their thick trim, the two small windows make an even bigger impact. From this vantage point, you can really see how all the trim pieces play together to create a symmetrical and visually appealing final look.

3. Classic Ceiling Beams in Cream

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Ceiling- 2021

Ceiling beams are another classic element in Craftsman-style interiors. This room is no exception. Ceiling beams help add texture and dimension to any room, but in most Craftsman-style homes, the homeowners choose not to paint the ceiling beams. Instead, they opt to keep them in their natural wood grain. While that's a great choice, these ceiling beams look crisp in creamy white. The color choice complements the room rather than pulling focus.

4. Exaggerated Shiplap with Small Trim

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window Shelf - Angle - 2021

At first glance, the shiplap around the room looks like standard shiplap. However, upon further inspection, it's clear that the shiplap effect is created by using thin trim pieces. This added touch highlights the hand-crafted nature of the Craftsman aesthetic.

5. Dramatic Door Casing

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Door - 2021

Much like the windows, thick door casings are also a staple of Craftsman design. In this example, the thick door casing makes quite the impact. Not only is the profile wide and dramatic, but the color choice is also unexpected. Rather than going with white, the designers opted for green instead. They made an even bigger impact by making the doors different colors!

6. Extended Mantles and Window Casings

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window - 2021

In this close-up image, you're able to see how the designers used a piece of trim to extend the fireplace mantle onto the wall. This helps add a layer of intrigue and symmetry that wouldn't be there otherwise. In this corner, you can see a thick window casing, the extended mantle trim, and the top of an inset bookcase. It just goes to show how every detail matters.

7. Stacked Moulding for Added Dimension

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window - Closeup - 2021

Hand-crafted details are all the rage in the Craftsman-style aesthetic. That's why it's common to see stacked moulding and trim as you see on this window. By using multiple layers of trim, the designers were able to elevate the windows and make them a focal point of the room. 

8. Extra Long Crown Moulding

Craftsman Crown Moulding

Much like the windows, the ceiling's look is achieved by stacking several pieces of crown moulding together to help handle the different layers and heights. There's one large piece of flat moulding that grades down to meet another set of stacked moulding. This ceiling corner is a perfect example of how big a role moulding and trim can, and should, play in a Craftsman-style design.

9. An Overstated Mantle

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Mantle - 2021

Most Craftsman-style interiors have a fireplace as a focal point. This room is no different. The designers helped make this mantle stand out with multiple trim pieces. From the moulding beneath the mantle to the trim on the sides, the finishing touches help make this mantle a breathtaking centerpiece.

10. A Built-In Bookshelf In Line with the Baseboards

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Window Shelf - 2021

What's a Craftsman-style interior without a built-in bookshelf? This bookshelf plays perfectly into the symmetry of the space and it makes the room feel extra special. In this picture, you'll also notice the baseboards on the fireplace and bookshelf and how important they are to the room's overall look.

Getting Started with Craftsman Style Moulding and Trim with Metrie

If you're ready to find high-quality moulding, baseboards, and trim for your Craftsman-style home, we can help. At Metrie, we specialize in creating gorgeous finishing touches for every home. We even have a line specifically for Craftsman-style homes.

If you're unsure about which moulding or trim you need, try our design tool today, Option {M}. It helps match popular aesthetics to the perfect finishing touches, or visit our inspiration galleries for even more design inspiration.