5 Trends We’re Excited to See in 2023

December 1, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Oh, how quickly interior design trends switch up! Heading into 2022, we’ll be saying hello to a lot of fresh and exciting trends for the new year. At the same time, we’re waving goodbye to declining fads from 2021.

Whether you’re all about urban style or crazy for retro designs, you’ll find something to suit your interior design preferences and match your personality just right.

Ring in 2022 With the Right Design

First, let’s look at the top interior design trends for 2022 we’re most enthusiastic about. These ideas will revitalize your spaces and make them more practical and fun to live in.

1. Retro Furniture and Decor

Floating Staircase.jpg


The boldness of retro is about to make a comeback with a splash. We all know you don’t have to be born in the 70s or 80s to love the look of the colorful patterns and mesmerizing walls which littered those famous decades.

Retro can go out of style, but urban lovers will always find a way to bring it back. After all, who doesn’t love lava lamps and funky wood paneling?  Adventurous and down-to-earth, retro is always welcome in the form of pod chairs, floating stairs, patterns, fringe elements, bean bags, exposed brick, textured walls and unique moulding.

2. Multifunctional Living Spaces

Shiplap Multipurpose Room.jpg


It was inevitable: COVID made its statement on home design in a big way this year. Most noticeably, homeowners desire multifunctional spaces to adapt to the times.

Multifunctional spaces call for multipurpose furniture and easier storage. In addition, next-level smart furniture is slowly entering the picture.

During the day, playrooms must fit both the kids’ requirements for fun and their homeschooling needs. For the adults, home offices need to double as home gyms or entertainment centers. And whatever can be automated with smart furniture creates additional convenience.

It’s all about flexibility. Metrie can help you design your space so it looks classy and welcoming — no matter how you use the space.

3. Minimalistic Designs

Mininamistic Dining Room.jpg

The minimalist movement is making a comeback with a twist!

In 2022, more people will use fewer decor elements and, again, embrace multifunctional furniture in order to create modern minimalist home designs.

Minimalism allows you to highlight statement pieces and to show off high-quality architectural elements like paneling and moulding. After all, if you have trim as beautiful as the image above, you won’t even need any flashy decorations to amplify the space.

High-end moulding and wall treatments are not just for VIPs. With Metrie, you can get your choice of wood and composite mouldings without breaking the bank.

Much of our gallery illustrates how moulding highlights minimalism. Get inspired here.

4. Metal Elements

Modern Shiplap Fireplace.jpg


A lot of old warehouses, factories and other buildings are being converted to apartments these days. As a result, the modern vintage industrial look is emerging with metal at its head.

In these spaces, metal often frames expansive windows. And while metal is typically seen as cold, the look of it can actually add warmth to your home.

You can implement metal elements by opting to expose some pipes or bringing in gold, copper or bronze light fixtures or lamps. To make the metal elements really stand out, add a simple yet classy backdrop of Metrie shiplap to keep the attention focused on the gold, silvers and copper elements of the room.

5. More Sustainability and Organic Designs

For Blog Only - Colourful Shiplap Living Room


The best interior design strategy is one that reflects sustainable practices. Thankfully, sustainability is a growing trend we’ll continue to see in the new year. 

You can adopt sustainable design methods by doing these five things:

  1. Conserve water with low-flush toilets and water-conserving faucets

  2. Use LEED-certified products which have low carbon footprints. 

  3. Choose low-VOC materials to reduce dangerous chemical emissions.

  4. Buy energy-efficient appliances, insulation materials, windows, doors and solar panels.

  5. Use foldable glass walls for your indoor-outdoor spaces.

Sustainability is often connected with organic designs. Add more plants to give life to your space and help keep the air fresh in your home. In addition, you can utilize natural light during the day, like the image above, to save on electricity.

You can also make a difference by supporting companies aware of the need for sustainability. Metrie, for instance, ensures raw materials are sourced within a 300–400 mile radius of our manufacturing facilities. Plus, we manufacture all of our products using a low-VOC paint formula and eco-friendly techniques.

Make Metrie Part of Your 2022 Design Strategy

It’s almost a wrap for 2021, so it’s also time to say goodbye to those old trends and welcome the new 2022 ideas with open arms.

For 2022, revamp your style, stay in the know and stick to the trends that work for you by contacting us for all your moulding, trim and interior door design needs.

Ready to get started? See where you can find and buy Metrie products at your nearest outlet.