9 Interior Barn Door Ideas You'll Love

June 12, 2023

By: The Finished Space

If you aren’t certain how that’s possible, let’s go through our comprehensive guide on barn doors and how they fit into our modern interior design world.

What is a Barn Door?

When we say “barn door,” we’re talking about a sturdy, flat door typically installed on a sliding track. They aren’t just your run-of-the-mill doors. The charm of barn doors lies in their unique blend of function and style, a quality that has quickly catapulted them from the outskirts of farms to the heart of modern living spaces.

Their rise in popularity has been almost meteoric, thanks in part to their versatility. Whether your home embraces a rustic farmhouse aesthetic or a minimalist chic design style, there’s a barn door for you.

How to Use Barn Doors in Your Interior Design

Where exactly can you incorporate barn doors in your home? Picture this: a barn door that creates a barrier between your kitchen and dining area that provides you with the flexibility of an open or closed layout, depending on your needs. How about using a barn door to hide the TV in your living room, only revealing it when it’s movie night?

Barn doors can be used almost anywhere. They make excellent room dividers in open floor plans, by providing privacy without sacrificing accessibility. Plus, they can even double up as statement pieces in bedrooms, give your wardrobe a rustic, chic appearance or create a barrier between one section of your room and another.

The Benefits of Barn Doors in Interior Design

Barn doors offer far more than just their distinct rustic charm. They bring an array of practical benefits to your interiors, including:

  • Space-Saving: Unlike traditional hinged doors, they slide along a track which makes them ideal for small spaces or areas with awkward layouts. You don’t have to open them into a room, so they won’t take up extra space.

  • Easy Installation: With the right tools, barn doors can be a satisfying and simple project for even amateur DIYers.

  • Versatility: From rustic wood to sleek metal, barn doors come in a wide variety of materials and finishes to fit seamlessly into any design aesthetic.

  • Functional and Stylish: Barn doors provide maximum privacy and sound isolation while also adding a unique design element to your space.

  • Increased Property Value: Adding a barn door can actually increase your property’s aesthetic and resale value. If you’re considering selling your home at any time, a barn door is an excellent investment opportunity.

9 Beautiful Barn Door Design Ideas

Are you the type of person who needs to see something in action to really understand it? If so, you’re in luck! Here are nine beautiful barn door designs to help inspire your next home improvement project.

1. Modern and Chic

Masonite black metal sliding barn door


This barn door is the epitome of what you can accomplish with a stylish and chic, modern entryway. The fogged glass also adds a sensual touch to the bathroom décor.

2. Rustic Meets Industrial

Masonite Auburn wood sliding Barn-Door


Sometimes, going a little more natural can do just the trick, and this barn door is proof of that. The style is elegant, industrial chic, and perfect for any modern home.

3. A Stylish Pantry Doorway

Masonite 2 Panel Plank Sandy Brown Sliding Barn Door


The doorway into the pantry is one of the most neglected doors in any home, so we love to see it get the attention it deserves. This is the same barn door featured in the first example, which shows how versatile it can be.

4. Rustic Design Elements


If your home embraces rustic design elements, then a barn door is going to fit in perfectly. Take this barn door design as inspiration – it fits perfectly into the décor without detracting from the design or taking up space.

5. Creating a Vibe

Masonite Sliding Barn Door game room


A barn door isn’t just a functional doorway. It’s also one of the best ways to create a great feature for entertaining. It can be an unwelcome distraction if the bar is situated in a multi-use space that may also be used for working out, playing or other activities.

6. Modern and Sleek

Masonite Barn Door Cloffice


Modern barn doors don’t need to be rustic to be stylish. You can accomplish a lot with very little, and that’s made evident by this modern and sleek barn door design. We especially love this bedroom cloffice idea!

7. Keep it Subtle

Masonite 1 Lite Black Sliding Barn Door


This is another example of how you can use barn doors to create a subtle entryway that creates privacy but also feels welcoming. It’s ideal for spaces like this, that separate the living area from the laundry room.

8. Contemporary Bedrooms

Masonite 1 Panel Z-Bar Ash Gray Sliding Barn Door


You can never go wrong with a contemporary barn door design. They’re ideal for separating bedrooms from bathrooms. Plus, they create a ton of visual intrigue without taking up valuable living space.

9. Minimalism at its Finest

Masonite Lincoln Park Primed Interior Sliding Barn Door


Here’s the perfect example of how a barn door can be used in a minimalistic design. It’s perfect because it blends in with the wall and doesn’t detract from the minimal design elements around it.

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