5 Kitchen Cabinet Trim Moulding Ideas

August 7, 2023

By: The Finished Space

Have you ever stopped to admire the intricate designs that frame your kitchen cabinets? Have you ever wondered how they seamlessly tie the entire aesthetic together? Well, get ready to dive in as we explore the world of kitchen cabinet trim moulding and let you in on secrets only a seasoned expert would know.

Your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook; it’s a blank canvas for your design and culinary aspirations. In the same way that a beautiful painting needs a frame, your kitchen cabinets deserve trim moulding.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Trim Moulding?

Kitchen cabinet trim moulding is the decorative element that outlines your cabinetry, to give it a refined finish. It’s like the cherry on top that transforms ordinary cabinets into stunning masterpieces. In today’s modern kitchen design, moulding and trim aren’t just an add-on, but a quintessential detail that breathes character into your kitchen décor.

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Trim Moulding

You’re probably wondering whether kitchen cabinet trim moulding is worth the investment. Allow us to shed some light on its multitude of advantages:

Elevates the Design Aesthetics

When we talk about turning ordinary into extraordinary, trim moulding is the answer. This nifty design element elevates the entire appearance of your cabinets, and adds a sense of grandeur and sophistication to your design.

Hides Imperfections

Over time, even the most meticulously crafted kitchen cabinets can get minor blemishes. Trim moulding is the perfect option for masking imperfections to maintain the kitchen’s polished and cohesive appearance.

Increased Home Values

For those with an eye on their property’s market value, cabinet trim and moulding can be a game-changer. Homes with detailed craftsmanship, like a well-trimmed kitchen, often fetch a higher resale price.


Your kitchen should echo your personal style, and with the vast array of moulding designs available from Metrie, you have a lot of room to customize. From intricate Victorian styles to minimalistic modern trims, there’s moulding for every design palette.


Beyond aesthetics, there’s a practical side to trim moulding. Acting as a buffer, it shields the vulnerable edges of your cabinets from daily wear and tear, bumps, and scratches. This means your cabinets aren’t just looking good – they’re also getting an added layer of protection, which ensures longevity.

Adds Space

An underrated marvel of trim moulding is its ability to craft the illusion of additional space. By integrating vertical trim pieces, you can manipulate the perception of your space, and the result is a kitchen that not only feels airier, but also appears taller and more expansive.

Completes the Look

A kitchen without trim moulding is like a cake without icing. Sure, it’s still good, but it lacks a finishing touch. Trim moulding rounds off the design, to ensure that every cabinet and every corner looks deliberate and polished.

5 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Trim Molding Ideas

The beauty of trim and moulding lies in its host of benefits and transformative power. Here are five kitchen cabinet molding and trim ideas to inspire your next creation:

1. A Modern Kitchen with Dark Woodgrain Trim and Moulding

Three Panel Door Kitchen

This sleek kitchen is fully equipped for all modern conveniences with gleaming stainless steel appliances and beautiful hardwood floors. The dark cabinets stand out against the contrasting beautiful countertops, and are paired perfectly with matching trim and moulding, to create an atmosphere of luxury.

2. A Sunny Kitchen with Deep Brown Trim and Moulding

Natural Wood Cabinets and Casing Kitchen

This sunlit kitchen radiates natural light through chic casement windows and creates an ambiance that makes you want to sit and relax for a while. The kitchen’s plentiful modern amenities are set against a backdrop of deep brown trim and moulding that elegantly frames the cabinets, to evoke warmth and sophistication.

3. A Chic Kitchen with Pristine White Trim and Moulding

For Blog Only - Green Cabinet Kitchen

This gorgeous kitchen has mint-colored cabinets, pristine white countertops, and pristine white trim and moulding that surrounds raised open-air shelves. If you’ve never thought of installing open-air cabinets in your kitchen, look at what’s possible! You can store charming décor, plants, vases, statues, glassware, and intricate frames to create a breathtaking aesthetic.

4. A Rustic Gourmet Kitchen with Aged and Textured Trim and Moulding

Edge Moulding and Stone Kitchen.jpeg

Step into this rustic paradise with a myriad of beautiful light fixtures and boundless rustic charm. At its heart lies a massive island with plush chairs and a vintage brick oven. It is surrounded by aged, off-grey cabinets that seamlessly blend with the textured trim and moulding that brings this kitchen’s rustic elegance full circle.

5. An Open-Concept Kitchen with White Trim and Moulding

Wooden Shiplap Ceiling Kitchen.jpeg

There’s nothing quite like an open-concept kitchen filled with natural light from large windows. Stainless steel chairs surround a spacious kitchen island, topped with grey-blue countertops. The white cabinets with matching trim and moulding serve as a harmonious backdrop for a relaxing day in the kitchen.

Get High-Quality Kitchen Cabinet Trim Moulding Today!

Your kitchen deserves more than just the ordinary. It craves that touch of artistry, the whisper of elegance, and the embrace of durability that comes with high-quality trim and moulding from Metrie. We believe in transforming your spaces, one trim at a time.

Contact us today to learn more about our incredible trim and moulding products. Your dream kitchen awaits!