Urban Loft Design Aesthetic and Interior Design Features

May 28, 2024

By: The Finished Space

Option M - Urban Loft - Living Room - Angle - 2021

Are you thinking about redesigning your home using the urban loft interior design? The urban loft design is a favorite among interior designers and is perfect for creating a timeless aesthetic. 

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the urban loft design as a whole, including various design features, colors, materials, furniture, and more.

We would like to note, however, that our Option {M}® Urban Loft Collection is only available in the Atlantic US, though we do offer an Option {M}® Vintage Industrial Collection that is another alternative designed specifically with this unique interior style in mind.

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What is the Urban Loft Design Aesthetic?

The urban loft design aesthetic merges the old with the new by turning former industrial spaces into modern homes. This style is characterized by open floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows that invite a ton of natural light.

The aesthetic is not just about preserving exposed brick walls and visible ductwork but also about celebrating elements like those in a contemporary context. This design is increasingly popular for its bold embrace of raw materials and structural elements to create a unique blend of history and modern design sensibilities.

Specific Elements of the Urban Loft Design Aesthetic

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Transforming your home into an urban loft requires you to think about your home differently. In this section, we’ll delve into how different areas of the home can be optimized with the right choices in mouldings, trims, and layout to create the perfect urban loft experience.


Option M - Urban Loft - Mood Board

In the heart of the urban loft, kitchens are often designed to blend seamlessly with living areas in an open-concept layout. Industrial features like stainless steel appliances and concrete countertops are a must-have. If you pair them with trim and moulding from Metrie, you can create a breathtaking visual experience.

Living Rooms

Option M - Urban Loft - Living Room - Cropped - 2021

Urban loft living rooms prioritize space and minimalism, which allows the architectural elements of the building to shine through. Furniture in this space should be functional, but also reflect the design’s industrial roots with items like modular sofas and glass coffee tables.


While the open space is a hallmark of loft design, bedrooms require a more enclosed feel for privacy. You should embrace things like soft drapes, plush rugs, and warm lighting to make these areas more intimate. Paired with brick facades, exposed pipes, and mouldings from Metrie, you can turn your bedrooms into chic, cozy, and stylish places to relax and sleep.


Option M - Vintage Industrial - Office - Angle - Cropped - 2022

Designing an office in a loft environment requires balancing the industrial aesthetic with the need for functional elements. Think multi-purpose furniture and minimal décor. By using trim and moulding products from Metrie to delineate different zones, you can create a workspace that feels both inspiring and distinctly part of the loft’s overall design.

Colors and Material Choices

Option M - Vintage Industrial - Office - Door - 2022

Choosing the right colors and materials is pivotal in urban loft design. Neutral tones like grays and whites complement the industrial elements without overwhelming them, while accents in bold colors can add depth and interest. At Metrie, we offer a variety of color solutions for trim and moulding to give you the flexibility you need to make your overall design vision come to life.

Furniture and Decor Recommendations

Selecting the right furniture and décor is crucial if you want to maintain the right balance between spaciousness and industrial flair. Opt for pieces that resonate with the structural elements of this aesthetic, like leather couches, metal shelving, and abstract art pieces.

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8 Urban Loft Design Ideas

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Are you looking for ways to improve your urban loft design aesthetic? Here are eight urban loft design ideas and principles to help inspire your next project:

1. Neutral Paints

Opt for shades of gray, white, or beige to create a backdrop that reflects light and enhances the sense of space. These colors also perfectly highlight architectural features like exposed beams and pipes.

2. Accent Colors

Introduce bold colors through accent walls or decorative pieces to inject personality and vibrancy into the space. Consider deep blues, rich greens, or warm oranges to contrast with neutral backgrounds and add visual interest.

3. Metal Finishes

Incorporate metals such as stainless steel, copper, or brushed nickel for fixtures and hardware. These materials resonate with the industrial heritage of the urban loft aesthetic and add a touch of modern flair.

4. Wood Elements

Use wood in various tones for flooring, furniture, or as accent features. Wood brings warmth and organic texture to balance the coldness of metal and concrete typically found in loft spaces.

5. Concrete and Stone

Embrace the raw texture of concrete or stone for countertops, flooring, or accent walls. These materials are durable and help maintain the industrial feel.

6. Textiles and Fabrics

Choose textiles like linen, cotton, and wool for curtains, rugs, and upholstery. These fabrics can soften the harder edges of the loft and contribute to a cozy, inviting atmosphere. No one said the urban loft design aesthetic needs to be uncomfortable.

7. Glass and Mirrors

Use glass partitions for dividing spaces without sacrificing light and large mirrors to enhance your home’s spaciousness. Both elements add a modern flair and help distribute natural light.

8. Trim and Moulding

With the right trim and moulding, you can bring your urban loft design vision to life. Trim and moulding are the ideal elements you need to add that finishing touch to your design without pulling focus or distracting from your other urban loft design elements.

Elevate Your Urban Loft Design with Trim and Moulding from Metrie

Option M - Vintage Industrial - Office - Baseboard - 2022 - Cropped

Incorporating trim and moulding from Metrie into your urban loft design not only elevates the aesthetic but also ensures a seamless blend of form and function. 

Unlike our Option {M}® Urban Loft Collection, which is only available in the Atlantic US, we do offer an Option {M}® Vintage Industial Collection that is another alternative that is designed specifically with this unique interior style in mind.

We offer everything from sleek baseboards to ornate crown mouldings that will truly make your space stand out.

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