Bathroom Elegance: Creating a Stunning Shiplap Accent Wall

July 17, 2023

By: The Finished Space

Have you ever looked at home designs and wondered how they create such beautiful bathroom transformations? The answer might surprise you. While there are many different ways to upgrade your bathroom, one of our absolute favorite ways to transform a space is with a shiplap accent wall!

Not only are they an incredibly trendy and affordable design tool, they’re also a timeless design element that brings warmth and texture to your personal space.

What is Shiplap?

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Shiplap has roots deeply entrenched in history, and was initially a type of wooden board used for constructing robust structures like barns and seafaring ships. Its unique overlapping design creates a weather-tight finish that is perfect for withstanding the elements.

As the winds of time blew, shiplap transitioned from barns and boats to living rooms and bathrooms. Today, its presence in modern homes is a testament to its enduring appeal, that blends both practicality and aesthetics to create the ultimate design feature.

The Benefits of Using Shiplap in Your Home


The allure of shiplap extends well beyond just aesthetics. When you bring shiplap into your home, you’re making a wise investment, and here’s why:

Visual Appeal

Shiplap, with its clean lines and rustic allure, can transform even the most mundane space into a photo-worthy setting. Its charm is universal, and it resonates with both classic and contemporary designers.


Shiplap fits seamlessly into many different settings, be it the nostalgic vibes of a vintage cottage or the minimalist aesthetic of a modern condo. Its adaptability is truly a superpower.


Born out of the necessity to withstand harsh conditions, shiplap’s enduring nature makes it one of the most durable materials you can choose for your home, by offering water and scratch resistance.

Easy Installation

For DIY enthusiasts, shiplap is a dream come true. For the novice, its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation process, to make room transformations a breeze.


Adding shiplap to your walls isn’t just about aesthetics. Its tight-seal design doubles as an insulating layer, to help ensure that your rooms stay cozy during those chilly winter nights. As a result, it could also positively impact your energy bill.


Shiplap is like a blank canvas. Whether you drench it in your favorite paint, stain it for a refined look, or leave it all-natural, it adapts gracefully.

How to Use Shiplap in Home Design

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Embracing shiplap in your home’s design isn’t just about following a trend or reaping some of the incredible benefits listed above. It’s about creating a timeless, cozy ambiance that resonates with both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

The installation process is simple but requires precision: nails must be anchored securely to wall studs, with each board’s tongue facing upward to ensure a tight interlocking fit. The true beauty of shiplap is its adaptability, that helps it fit effortlessly into almost any area in your home.


Transform your kitchen backsplash or island with shiplap for a rustic or farmhouse charm.

Living Room

Install shiplap over your fireplace or build an accent wall behind your main seating area.

Outdoor Area

Shiplap isn’t just for indoors. You can also use it for outdoor patio ceilings or as a feature wall on your porch.


Use shiplap to introduce a touch of coziness with a shiplap headboard wall, to create a clean design that catches the eye and adds texture and character.


A shiplap bathroom accent wall can elevate your space from functional to spa-like. Its moisture resistance makes it a stylish and practical choice for this often damp environment.

The allure of shiplap lies in its ability to blend with various design themes and fit into any room in your home. It’s an incredible tool for personalizing your space, and will help ensure that every nook and corner fits your design aesthetic.

How to Create a Stunning Shiplap Accent Wall in Your Bathroom


If the idea of a shiplap accent wall in your bathroom piques your interest, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work! As a pro tip, when you start the installation, remember to start from the bottom, and gradually work your way to the top. The beauty of shiplap comes with the precision of its installation, so take your time and pay careful attention to your measurements.

Shiplap is the ideal design element for bathrooms because it’s durable, resistant to moisture, adds a ton of texture and visual appeal without taking up space, and it creates a sense of design unity, especially if you’re using it in other places around the home.

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