European Vibes Perfected by Nate & Jeremiah

June 7, 2021

By: The Finished Space

We’re gushing over this home makeover that took place on Nate & Jeremiah by Design! With a hazardous stairway causing the second floor to be inaccessible, and maintenance issues eating up most of the homeowners’ budget, this was no small feat for the design couple.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent aren’t afraid of a challenge and jumped at the chance to offer a helping hand to Haley and Clayton as they were falling deeper into a money pit. With a pause put on renovations due to Haley’s recent health complications, the home was left in disarray, which also caused the couple and their children to share and spend time confined to one room together. By giving this home a design identity and with the help of trim, the power couple was able to rejuvenate this home and the family’s spirits.

Stairway & Dining Area


Since the family enjoys traveling so much, what better design identity for Nate and Jeremiah to give their home other than well-traveled. Upon entry into the home, you’re greeted by the most costly and biggest upgrade made to the home, an elegant staircase. It exudes European vibes from the curves to the sophisticated iron railings.



Haley and Clayton wanted a dining area where they could entertain and this design did not disappoint. Nate and Jeremiah added a large dining table and gave the room more curve appeal and Parisian vibes by dressing up the walls with panel mould and decorative pieces.

Living Area & Playroom



With the use of trim, iron windows, French wall art, and luxe, large-scale furniture, they were able to bring overseas design style into this space. We love the mix of modern and classic elements and the color-blocking technique Jeremiah used to add contrast to the room!


What was once a shared living and sleeping area by the whole family, is now a whimsical playroom; offering the perfect opportunity for the family to start fresh and create happy memories.