13 Farmhouse Moulding & Trim Ideas

September 4, 2020

By: The Finished Space

You can achieve the timeless charm of country living with just a few simple farmhouse moulding and trim ideas, without breaking the bank.  The size, color, and placement of the mouldings and trim impact a room's feel, creating everything from a rustic to chic farmhouse design. Moulding and trim can make a space appear larger, smaller, more expansive, or narrow. Correctly placed, moulding and trim, particularly around windows, also serve as a focal point to draw the eyes outdoors, while bringing the natural light inside. 

Please read on for 13 creative farmhouse moulding and trim ideas:  

1. A White Farmhouse Stairwell

Metrie Complete - Shiplap - Stairs Entrance

Solid white walls, railings, risers, and mouldings draw your attention to the wooden steps, readily inviting you either up or down the farmhouse stairwell. The continuation of horizontal lines from shiplap to the staircase creates the illusion of a more expanded space. The shiplap also pairs well with the staircase's diagonal and vertical elements, adding energy to the area and giving the stairwell a warm, welcoming vibe. 

2. Pacific Coast Hemlock

Pacific Coast Hemlock

Pacific Coast Hemlock moulding with its even grain and fine texture creates clean lines with minimal details, adding simple charm and warmth to this welcoming modern farmhouse foyer. The use of trim to create a wide frame over the entry, makes it cozy and inviting, while the contemporary art and upholstered chair add depth to the stately yet pleasant space. 

3. Natural Wood Crown Moulding

For Blog Only - Andrew Pike - Natural Wood Crown Moulding

Andrew Pike

Combining a sleek, white, contemporary island with the earthy elements of the natural wood moulding and cabinets bring a cozy warmth and depth to this eclectic farmhouse kitchen. An upholstered bench, brightly colored chairs, and chic lighting fixtures add texture and interest to this modern farmhouse kitchen.

4. A White and Wood Kitchen

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Atmosphere Interior Design

White trim and moulding against the wood cabinetry and island provide a hint of old-world farmhouse simplicity to a modern kitchen, creating an open, relaxed room where the family can gather. Trimming the ceiling with spaced panel moulding provides a modern update to the exposed rafters common in many old farmhouses, mimicking the practical decor of days gone by. The glossy black chairs and unique lighting fixtures add depth and texture to this contemporary-farmhouse kitchen.

5. Modern, Streamlined Baseboard

For Blog Only - Soundbuilt Homes - Open Modern House with Baseboard

Soundbuilt Homes

Modern, streamlined baseboards painted a slight bit off from the walls' color creates depth, but not flash, to this tailored farmhouse's minimal decor. The wide plank floor and bright lights add texture and warmth to the open floorplan's clean line. 

6. White Board and Batten with Natural Materials

Shiplap - Kitchen

White board and batten walls combine with the natural stone island and fireplace as well as the dark wood cabinets and floors to produce clean lines and lots of texture for this elegant yet rustic modern farmhouse kitchen. The high-hanging lights draw attention to the upper windows and ceiling treatment, while the backsplash offers an exciting pop of color. 

This well-appointed kitchen offers refinement and coziness by merging monochromatic white walls with natural materials.

7. Create Farmhouse-style Architraves and Window Casings

Metrie Complete - Living Room - Architrave

Surrounding your windows with casing not only covers the gaps between the drywall and the window but also creates a frame that draws the outside scenery into your home. Paired with a broad architrave, the window area is emphasized and framed beautifully. Selecting multiple decorative pieces like this adds personality to a room, from bohemian to farmhouse. For casual and timeless decor, it is best to select simple casings and architraves.

8. An Accent for Wooden Beams

For Blog Only - Pahlisch Homes - Accented Kitchen with Wood Beams

Pahlisch Homes

Wooden beams accenting a white ceiling will draw the eye up instantly, making the room feel larger without taking up any additional square footage. The timeless look of wooden beams adds excellent contrast, depth, and texture to this curated kitchen. The deep blue oven fan and island balance out the clean white cabinets, adding to the room's serene and peaceful ambiance.  

9. Minimal Window Casing Trim

For Blog Only - Westlake Development Group - Minimal Window Casing Trim

Westlake Development Group

Minimal window casing showcases the beautiful nature on display outside the window of this modern farmhouse. Painting the simple casings and adjoining window materials the same color blends them together, allowing the glass to take center stage. 

10. Frame Your Wallpaper

For Blog Only - Michelle Gage - Wallpaper Dining Room

Designer: Michelle Gage | Photographer: Rebecca McAlpin

Framing colorful wallpaper with crisp-white trim and moulding adds a combination of depth, pattern, and sophistication to this charming dining room. The white ceiling and trim also work together to brighten the space, making it feel slightly taller and more open. The whimsical light fixtures and farmhouse style chairs paired with wicker chairs add texture and interest to the casual dining area. 

11. White on Blue

Heather Cochran - Blue Dining Room with Kitchen

Pairing dark blue walls with bright white trim and moulding helps the color appear cool — not frigid — for this formal farmhouse dining space. The white window trim also draws the eye towards the outdoors, allowing the natural light to warm the room. The wood floor's neutral colors, patterned-grey rug, and brown and black furniture add depth and texture, softening and relaxing the refined look.

12. Let the Wood Stand Out

Wood Kitchen with Coffered Ceiling - After

Natural wood trim and cabinets work wonderfully well with the backdrop of white shiplap walls and ceiling, creating an organically neutral-warm space with lots of character. The rich natural wood trim contrasts with the white, creating depth and texture for a modern, classic, or rustic farmhouse kitchen. 

13. Discreet Crown Moulding

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Shiplap Ceiling Foyer

Sarah Richardson

Discreet crown moulding placed at the edge of the ceiling lengthens the walls of this eclectic, bespoke farmhouse hallway. The chevron patterned floor and whimsical legs of the side tables add energy and excitement to the hallway, contrasted sharply with the warmth of the antique mirror. 

Why Choose Metrie Moulding and Trims?

Metrie Option {M} Modern Farmhouse trim is an easy and straightforward way to complete a farmhouse style in any room. Whether you choose sturdy MDF or classic Pine, your new space will have a modern, rustic, and complete farmhouse design.  

We would love to help you with farmhouse moulding and trim ideas. Contact one of our dealers today for more information on our Option {M} Modern Farmhouse line.