8 Unique Fireplace Mantel Moulding Ideas

April 20, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Who doesn’t love a show-stopping fireplace? Fireplaces are an opportunity to make a statement in any room. These eight unique fireplace mantel moulding ideas are sure to provide you with the inspiration you need for your home’s fireplace:  

1. Go with a Contrasting Stacked Moulding

Blue Walls and Trim Dining Room.jpeg

This crisp white fireplace is a true wow-moment in this navy-hued dining room. The classy, stacked moulding contrasts perfectly with the rest of the room to add depth and interest to this space. The moulding also matches the thick white window casing and baseboards for a completely cohesive look. You can achieve a comparable effect by choosing a stacked moulding for your fireplace mantle in a shade that contrasts with the rest of the room. Make it match other trim elements to bring the whole look together.

2. Opt for Clean Lines for a Clear Focal Point

Empty open concept living room.jpeg


From top to bottom, this wide-open room is designed with clean lines in mind. From the sharply shaped cabinets to the coffered ceiling, this room is an architectural masterpiece. The fireplace’s crown moulding and baseboards are in the same palette as the rest of the room, which keeps everything feeling consistent and intentional. The black accents and coffered ceilings help draw your eye right to the fireplace.

Sometimes, making the moulding match the room is the best way to get the right effect.  

3. Add Crown Moulding for Extra Height

Grey Wainscotting and Fireplace Living Room.jpeg


If you want your fireplace to feel grander than it is, try adding crown moulding. Traditional crown moulding can make your fireplace appear larger and taller than it actually is. This grey crown moulding does a wonderful job creating a sleek and modern mantle for this contemporary space. It also proves that you don’t always have to play it safe with color choice.

4. Keep it Simple to Let the Other Elements Shine

Peek a boo shelving Shipalp.png

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/metrie-complete-the-no-fuss-facelift-for-your-home/  Hat Tip: Coco & Jack | Photography: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling

The vertical shiplap behind the wooden shelves steals the show in this living room. While fireplaces are generally the focal point, these homeowners decided to do something unconventional with their fireplace design. They opted to use thin edge moulding around the mantle to allow the other elements of the room to grab some attention. It just goes to show that keeping the moulding simple is sometimes the best approach.  

5. Pair Horizontal Shiplap and Real Wood

Horizontal Shiplap Fireplace.jpeg


This living room is a breezy dream with its horizontal shiplap fireplace and real wood mantle. Rather than use moulding to bring attention to the mantle, these homeowners decided to go for shiplap instead. By choosing a white shiplap and natural wood, your attention naturally gravitates towards the impeccably designed fireplace. It creates a beautiful backdrop for the pastel decorations and clean lines in this room’s design.

6. Try a White Stacked Moulding with Paneled Facing 

Fireplace Mantle Moulding.jpeg


This fireplace looks sleek with its white stacked moulding mantle, paneled face, and crisp white baseboards. The fireplace’s baseboards match the baseboards in the room, helping the fireplace fit in seamlessly to the room’s design. The trim flowing up the wall and the thick window casings add elegance to an otherwise simple space. The understated moulding mantle allows the facing and decorative elements of this room to really pull focus.

7. Go Faux with Ceiling Height Panels  

Black Fireplace Wall and Faux Ceiling Panels.jpeg


Can you believe this isn’t a real fireplace? These homeowners wanted a fireplace in their home for aesthetic value, so they created a fake one! They designed their fireplace out of sheetrock and then used finger-joint pine for the trim and columns. All of the nail holes were covered with extra trim pieces to create a refined finish. Every panel and line in this fireplace is a piece of trim, thoughtfully crafted to create the finished look of a real fireplace. The final decision to paint in black simply elevated the entire look to showstopping new heights.

8. Choose a Thick Mantel with Sophisticated Columns

Thick Mantel and Sophisticated Columns.png


This elegant room marries sophistication and relaxation with ease. Every corner of this room has a perfectly chosen finishing touch to create an elegantly designed space. The fireplace’s grey chevron tiles are the focus, thanks to the muted palette of the room. The columns and thick mantlepiece, created with various finishing pieces, help add a layer of elegance to this tastefully designed room. Some homeowners would shy away from doing such large columns and mantel for fear it might distract from the fireplace. 

However, this design proves that thick columns and mantels can look excellent with the right touch.

Creating a Dreamy Fireplace in Your Home 

These eight unique fireplaces prove that there’s no limit to the impact a fireplace can have on a room. They also show how much the mantel, trim, and moulding can affect the final look. Ultimately, you want to choose moulding and trim that complements your design aesthetic and goals.

If you aren’t sure what type of mantle moulding would work best for your taste, give Option {M} a try. There’s a brief quiz that helps match you with your perfect design aesthetic and finishing touches.

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