How to Install Board & Batten, with The Gold Hive

June 29, 2018

By: The Finished Space

One of our favorite ways to spruce up a space is with board & batten. Board and batten is a type of interior paneling that alternates wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called batten. The boards are typically, but not always, one-foot wide. Some may opt out of using boards and only use batten in intervals to create the same look.

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A board and batten treatment can instantly invigorate a space—giving a room much visual-depth and interest. Just take a look at the remarkable bedroom above!

To give you the break-down on how to install board and batten, we partnered with Ashley, of The Gold Hive, for Calling it Home’s Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. With only six weeks to transform a space, it was a race against time! Nonetheless, Ashley not only crossed the finish line to complete her bedroom makeover within the time-frame but also did it in spectacular fashion!

For Blog Only - The Gold Hive - Gray Wainscot Bedroom - Dresser

If you’re still feeling a little intimidated, we’ve lessened the pressure by outlining the key steps below!

Step One—Identify the Style and Selecting the Material

Considering how versatile trim can be, there is a number of different options for a simple wall-treatment. You can customize the height, distance between battens, thickness and width of the boards, and the finishing touches to your liking. Ultimately, choose a style cohesive to your space. Here, Ashley used our lightweight, pine lattice for the batten. Other board and batten looks can be achieved using flat stock.

Pro Tip! When selecting the material for your board and batten wall treatment, take the thickness of any existing baseboards and window casing into account. You don’t want the vertical panels to be thicker than the base and casing.

Step Two—Make your Measurements

Draw out or outline the measurements of your space(s). This will allow you to determine how much product you will need, and do not forget to account for extra material, in the event of a mistake.

Step Three – Find the Studs

You will want to find the studs behind your drywall using your choice of a stud finder. You’ll need the studs behind your wall to help reinforce your board and batten.

Step Four—Time to Cut

Using a miter saw, or a saw of your preference, cut the material to your measurements. Be sure to account for the different degrees of miter cuts to help your batten fit snuggly on top of your baseboard. For a seamless finish, Ashley cut the pine lattice at 35-degrees to fit on top of her curved baseboard.

Step Five—Level & Install

Once your batten has been cut out to the required lengths and measurements, it’s time to install. Use a level to ensure your batten pieces are flush and level. Otherwise, you are probably going to stay up all night being haunted by the uneven application. Once the pieces are leveled, you can use a nail gun to secure the batten to the studs on your wall. A trusty ol’ hammer and nail will also do the trick!

Step Six—Patch it & Caulk it

Fill in the nail holes using spackling or a substitute of your choice. Afterward, proceed to caulk the seams adjoining the batten and board, or wall.

Step Seven—Prime it, Paint it, and Presto!

If you are using raw wood, then you will need to prime the moulding and let it dry before painting it. However, if you are using primed wood or MDF, you could save yourself some time and go straight to painting. Just let the paint dry…and, presto! You’re done! You now have a gorgeous wall treatment that’ll not only make your space more charming and inviting but also improve the value of your home!

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If you still feel like you need extra guidance, head on over to Ashley’s blog post to read more detailed step-by-step instructions!


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