Interior Design Trends for 2023

December 21, 2022

By: The Finished Space

With a new year comes new interior design trends, or more of the same, if the trend remains hot. One interior design trend that continues to awe is modern moulding and millwork trim. From baseboards to crown moulding and everything in between (even the ceiling!), the reimagined aesthetic has breathed life back into trimless minimalist design. Captivating shiplap, panel and frame moulding, and the ever classic crown moulding, just to name a few, have been utilized to create an opulent yet humble interior design trend, but will it maintain momentum into 2023?

We reached out to interior design and DIY experts to hear their thoughts about millwork trim and moulding and whether they see the trend remaining vibrant as we head into 2023.

Jo Alcorn

For Blog Only - Jo Alcorn - Website

Alcorn Home Design & Build -

"I predict that we are going to see more and more of everything when it comes to millwork details in the home. More wall detailing, more detailing in our baseboards, trim and crown moulding. A greater focus on millwork will become the priority in design and main focal point in any room of the home!" - Jo Alcorn

Mario Chagas

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MC Trim Carpenters - 

“I would have to say the wall panel look as opposed to traditional wainscoting. Very sleek and low profile. The hard lines of the wall panel over traditional wainscoting lends itself to a very classic or contemporary look. I find it so versatile that it even blends beautifully with the Farmhouse style. The materials can be purchased ready for install or one can buy full sheets of material to rip them to whatever custom width desired.” - Mario Chagas

Areeba Adnan

For Blog Only - Areeba Adnan - Website

Minty Candy Designs -

"As we head into 2023, I really see more intricate European style millwork and traditional millwork contrasted against more modern elements like lighting and furniture growing. I also see bold and moody colours in millwork as a trend into 2023." - Areeba Adnan

Hana Sethi

For Blog Only - Hana Sethi - Website

Hana’s Happy Home -

"I think picture frame moulding will definitely stay in 2023. It’s become so popular in almost every room - bedroom, hallway, living room and bathrooms. It’s a simple box shape that can be personalized to any size wall." - Hana Sethi

Dina McMahon

For Blog Only - Dina McMahon - Website

Dina McHahon -

"I predict that the use of shiplap will continue to grow in 2023, especially in a vertical application.  Traditional horizontal shiplap has been around for a long time and roots back to ship building more than a century ago.  The use of horizontal shiplap in interiors conjures up a warm, cozy, farmhouse vibe and is a simple way to add dimension and interest to a space.  Vertical shiplap however is easily incorporated into a wider range of design styles, once again, adding dimension and interest which is why I predict that we will continue to see vertical shiplap trending in 2023." - Dina McMahon

Jenna Rutherford

For Blog Only - Jenna Rutherford - Website

Jenna Rutherford -

"I really do believe Panel moulding will continue to grow! I believe it’s a classic and timeless look and as some move away from board and batten and geometric accent walls, I think panel moulding is a great alternative to still give walls depth and character." - Jenna Rutherford

Ariel Garneau

For Blog Only - Ariel Garneau - Website

PMQ for two -

"I think the use of decorative trims and millwork outside of traditional "on the wall" uses, is something we'll see more and more of. As people look to DIY and re-create ornate metalwork on mirrors, eclectic cabinetry and furniture, and other decorative elements, they'll turn to the details of rosettes, finger moulds and casing to create a luxe look. For every trend, there's always an equal reaction to the trend, so I think we'll also see a return to "simple" and "sturdy" designs that are meant to look uncomplicated. Either way, seeing how people incorporate decorative touches is always fascinating!" - Ariel

Alisa Bovino

For Blog Only - Alisa Bovino - Website

A Glass of Bovino -

"I think box moulding and beadboard will continue to grow in 2023, but I also think I'm seeing a trend towards keeping things more simple with crown and baseboard painted a contrasting color with the walls - especially when wallpaper is involved." - Alisa Bovino

Michael Holmes Jr

For Blog Only - Michael Holmes Jr - Website

Michael Holmes Jr -

"On a lot of our job sites we like to incorporate accent walls. Whether that is installing a coffered ceiling (we call ceilings the fifth wall) wrapped in beautiful crown moulding, or doing a chevron shiplap accent wall on a fireplace that draws your eye up to a cathedral ceiling. When an accent wall is done correctly, it really elevates a space. There are so many different options that you can create with millwork and mouldings. You can create a modern farmhouse feel by using shiplap or go for a more traditional approach by adding raised paneling to the walls. How you use mouldings and millworks to dress up your walls can transform any room. If you watch our show, you will notice that on almost every single job we use moulding and millwork to make each space stand out differently. I think we are going to continue to see more creativity with accent walls moving forward into 2023." - Mike Holmes Jr

Mark Rason

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Mark Rason -

"In my opinion, the number one trend that will continue to grow in 2023 is the use of "flat stock" moulding to create unique feature walls. These styles can vary in their complexity which make them a very popular project to the "DIY" market. With the way that the economy seems to be heading, I think people are going to be looking to save as much money as they can in 2023 and this type of project is a great option that is very affordable but can still make a BIG impact on their space."- Mark Rason

Viktor Sarudi

For Blog Only - Viktor Sarudi - Instagram

The Stump Shop -

"I believe the overall “trend” of moulding and millwork aren’t going anywhere.  There may be some slight changes in style preferences or design, however the overall trend of DIY, especially with moulding and trim are here to stay.  Over the past few years, mainly during the global pandemic, DIY’ing your own house and home became very prominent.  People that never thought possible, suddenly realized that with the abundance of resources and guidance available out there, it was completely possible.  The trend of shiplap, including vertical and horizontal is strong and provides a relatively quick return on investment.  A feature wall within a room is also a huge trend that is here to stay in 2023.  Transforming a room one wall at a time makes such a huge impact on the overall appearance of a room/home and it is a great starting point for the non-professional.  Using trim on it’s own to create an accent wall will definitely be a trend that continues to grow in 2023.  I also predict that people will be taking their accent/feature walls and continuing to expand on their skills and abilities.  DIY’ers will be taking a “simple” board and batten wall for example, and using tools and supplies like a quarter round or a ceiling mould to take that project to the next level.  I also predict the return and triumph of a white based paint colour.  For years the trend took us into the black or light grey or other “cool” colour realm and I feel like the crisp, clean and fresh look of a white/off white paint will return and that will compliment the trim and moulding of any project perfectly." - Viktor Sarudi

Domenic Molella

For Blog Only - Domenic Molella - Instagram

M Inspired Living -

"I think the feature wall trend will continue to grow in the coming year. Whether it be a shiplap wall, more traditional wainscoting, or a geometric pattern wall using paneling, it’s an easy, diy-friendly way to add character to a room." - Domenic Molella

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