It’s Down to the Details for Sarah Richardson

October 12, 2017

By: The Finished Space

Episode Five: Down to the Details

As celebrity designer Sarah Richardson and her husband, Alexander Younger, make steady progress and the house near its anticipated completion, Sarah wants every detail to be flawless. So, when it comes to putting the couple’s dream home together that’s completely off the grid, perfection is a constantly moving target.

Nonetheless, in the fifth episode of ‘Sarah Off the Grid,‘ Sarah and Alexander have united the team while successfully dividing and conquering their tribulations to finish some fabulous spaces!

So, here is our recap of this inspiration-worthy and fun-filled episode!

The Entrance

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Shiplap Ceiling Foyer

A home’s main entrance is definitely important. After all, it tends to be the first space that guests will enter! And, oh, boy does this foyer pack a punch!

A beautiful wainscot treatment appears in this space of the home, which is crafted by using chair rail and Fashion Forward Scene III baseboard. Not to mention, it also incorporates shiplap installed vertically for added visual interest!

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the grand, yet rustic entryway mirror?

The Mudroom

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Shiplap Ceiling Entrance

Mudroom’s don’t have to be dingy, dull and dirty. Just take this one as inspiration! The sea of soft blues and easily washed tiles give this space its character! And what’s not to love about the floor-to-ceiling tongue and groove wall paneling, which offers this space a country, farmhouse feel!

The Living Room

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Ceiling Batten Living Room

The living room is where people will spend a great deal of their time and where they socialize with their guests, so why not give it the attention it deserves by making it lavishing and gorgeous? Well, that’s what Sarah did! Between the coffer-styled ceiling and the show-stopping marble fireplace, the architectural elements in this space are marvelous!

The Powder Room

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Powder Room

It’s time to powder your nose in this opulent powder room! This space not only looks but also feels like a treasured jewel box due to the gold-accented faucet, marble countertops, star-inspired tiling, and rustic wood finishes.

Grand interior finishings encased around the vanity offer a custom and luxe look without breaking the bank! Fun fact, you can get the same look by using a combination panel mouldbaseboard and chair rail!

We love how the crown moulding pops with a crisp-coat of white paint which perfectly contrasts with Sarah exquisite wallpaper selection on the ceiling. However, the power of crown moulding not only lies within its ability to offer a luxurious and grand appeal, but how it also offers a deceptive heightened-illusion that makes the space appear taller than it actually is! So, now you can look up and gaze at the starry ceiling.

The Sunroom

For Blog Only - Sarah Richardson - Opulent Sunroom

Whether it be the flowers blooming, blue skies roaming, autumn leaves falling or snowfall dwindling, there is no better room to take in the views. The stunning elements in this sunroom are sure to impress. From the champagne colored drapes to the tongue and groove wall paneling and the gorgeous seating arrangement, this timeless space will never go out of style.

Sarah’s home exudes a luxurious beauty that really highlights how it is truly down to the details.

Now, head on over to HGTV Canada to watch the full episode or seek inspiration from HGTV Canada’s gallery! And remember to tune into the show on Sunday at 10pm EDT! You’re not going to want to miss the finale!

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