It’s Time to ‘Love It or List It!’

June 26, 2017

By: The Finished Space

Previously on Love It or List It Vancouver, co-host Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot competed to get homeowners Sherri and Jeff to either ‘love’ their home or to ‘list it!’ And if you missed our recap of what happened in that episode then click here to read all about it!

Now, Jillian and Todd are back it again with a new couple and a new home. We have the recap of the major moments in the episode and we can’t wait to get sharing!

Let the transformation begin!

Meet the Couple

Source: HGTV Canada

Meet Laila and Dan. The couple is married, and have been for seven years. Their current abode is a historical 103-year-old home that measures to be 2,700 square feet. With the couple expecting a fourth child in less than 10 weeks, their current home doesn’t have enough room to accommodate their lifestyle needs.


Source: HGTV Canada

Laila is concerned with the home’s unorthodox layout. She long’s for an open space where she can see the children playing in the living room from the kitchen.

Despite her concerns, Laila is attached to the house due to its rich history, but it even has a bigger significance to her as it was where she and Dan got married, brought home their first child, and was the foundation of many precious memories.

However, Dan is “sick” of their current property. As the family continues to grow, the three bedroom home doesn’t offer Dan the living space he wants. Due to the home’s unconventional layout, there isn’t much room for storage and consequently, Dan is irritated by the overflowing amount of stuff.

The Transformation

It was time for celebrity designer Jillian to do what she does best, and she did not disappoint! Jillian removed unnecessary walls, including the fireplace, to bring the couple’s longing vision for an open space to fruition.

The Mudroom


Source: HGTV Canada

As a surprise, Jillian created a mudroom for the couple’s growing family!

This mudroom has trim galore, and we’re particularly excited because it’s our very own crown mouldingbaseboard, and architrave in that gorgeous space! Not to mention, our products can be used to create the wainscoted wall!

Source: HGTV Canada


Another angle of the mudroom reveals a glorious storage unit that is perfect for the growing family!

Once again, we love how the crown moulding adds elevated height to the space, and large windows allow light to filter through effortlessly!

Also, simply look at how adorable those baby coat hooks are underneath the window! If that doesn’t warm your heart we’re not sure what will.

Now, who wouldn’t feel invited in a space like that?


The Living Room


Source: HGTV Canada

We now move into the couple’s new living room! Jillian removed the unnecessary wall, which allowed the living room to open up and become more spacious.

We love how the large window allows light to permeate into the space for a warm and homey ambiance.

Metrie’s geometrically precise crown mouldingcasing, and baseboard contrast with the gray walls for architectural interest! We love how it helps tie the space together!

The Kitchen


Source: HGTV Canada


In the kitchen, we absolutely adore the modern patterned backsplash in tandem with the paint choice, which appears to be a mix between teal and gray.

Moreover, we love how Jillian decided to paint the crown moulding in the kitchen a different color in comparison to the rest of the space. This allows the home to be organized despite it being an open space concept.

Also, how fabulous are those light fixtures?! We are obsessed!




Source: HGTV Canada





Lastly, one of our favorite aspects of their newly revamped home is the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen. Its geometrical angles complement the clean, crisp lines of the trimwork throughout the space.

And the ceiling adds character and exude such personality!



Before Jillian worked her magic, Laila and Dan’s home was valued at approximately $2 million. After the renovation of $194,000, the property is now valued at $2.28 million! However, due to various problems that surfaced during the transformation, Jillian was not able to renovate the couple’s nursery and guest bathroom. While Todd showed the couple a new and beautiful open plan home that has plenty of space for the growing family.

So, did the couple end up ‘loving it’ or will they ‘list it?’ To find out their decision head over to HGTV Canada’s Love It or List It Vancouver to see the full transformation and to watch the couple’s decision!

Regardless, be sure to let us know what you thought of this jaw-dropping transformation down below in the comments or through Twitter!