Riverdale: A Fashionable Peek Inside The Pembrooke Building!

December 11, 2017

By: The Finished Space

If you’re a fan of Riverdale and you’ve been binge-watching Season two, then you must notice The Pembrooke. The Pembrooke building is a luxurious apartment complex situated in Riverdale. Hermione Lodge owns the building, where she resides with her daughter Veronica, along with her husband Hiram.

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Source: CW Network

Here’s a fun fact: Veronica Lodge’s apartment, The Pembrooke, is actually The Permanent building found in downtown Vancouver! The structure was a Vancouver landmark transformed into an event space, available for private and public bookings! Now, what a fabulous place for the Lodge’s to call home!

For Blog Only - Riverdale - The Permanent

Source: The Permanent

Now, let us take you River Vixens into Veronica’s opulent and magnificent lair!

For Blog Only - Riverdale - Lobby

Source: CW Network

From the floor to ceiling, the lobby is adorned with gorgeous interior finishings. Specifically, that stunning coffered ceiling which is sure to leave any person feeling a little a regal.

For Blog Only - Riverdale - Dining

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Now, in the Lodge’s dining area, we see Veronica sassily wiping down cutlery while sharing a mother-daughter moment with Hermione, but our eyes are drawn to the feminine color palette and chic trimwork. Crown moulding and chair rail are used to frame the walls and add visual interests.

Meanwhile, we’re mesmerized with how the set designer chose to install a patterned wall-paper underneath the chair rail for a more contemporary take on a traditional wainscoting!

For Blog Only - Riverdale - Ceiling

Source: CW Network

In another scene, the Lodge’s family reunites! It’s also one of the few times us viewers got a chance to see the space from this angle and our knees are weakened at the sight of the gorgeous ceiling treatment! Now, who’s to blame Veronica for feeling like a princess in this abode?

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