10 Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas and Designs

March 10, 2021

By: The Finished Space

The shabby chic interior design style embraces rustic charm and glamor. It’s an aesthetic that prioritizes personality, style, and comfort. There’s no need to convey perfection, though that isn’t to say this design style isn’t intricate. That just means that if something looks a little worn and lived-in – it might be a perfect fit.

Here are 11 shabby chic living room décor ideas and designs that are guaranteed to transform your living room into something stylish and magnificent:

1. Create a Cream Color Scheme

For Blog Only - Cream Shabby Chic Living Room


A hallmark quality of shabby chic is the use of soft colors, and cream is a color scheme that looks comfortable but feels expensive. It pairs well with rustic and distressed furniture, providing lots of contrast. Also, notice the ornate gold trim and the natural

wood grain furniture. These are perfect matches for the crème color scheme and fit naturally into the shabby chic aesthetic.

2. Add Charm to a Loft Space

shabby chic loft.jpeg


A loft space with an open ceiling, exposed pipes, and distressed concrete walls is a perfect canvas for the shabby chic design aesthetic. Notice how well the distressed bookcase and woodgrain circle mirror blends into this space. It’s like they’ve been there since it was built a century ago. It’s so simple to add a little charm to an already delightful living room.

3. Let Neutrals Dominate

Shabby Chic Nuetrals.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/its-down-to-the-details-for-sarah-richardson/  Source: https://www.hgtv.ca/shows/sarah-off-the-grid/photos/sarah-brings-a-small-space-to-life-with-an-earthy-palette-and-textural-touches-1906494/

As we mentioned above, soft colors and comfort are priorities. Let them reign free and dominate the look of your shabby chic living room. When you allow the space to swim in neutral colors, it makes the unique pieces stand out even more. Check out how baroque and beautiful the chandelier and artwork over the mantel look in contrast to the rest of the room.

4. Ditch the Couch

Shabby Chic Architectural Digest.jpeg


There’s no need to be conventional when you’re embracing the shabby chic lifestyle. It’s all about using the space you have. Why not ditch the couch and opt for four single-seaters in natural wood and gold? There’s still plenty of seating for guests, and now your chairs are diverse and much more aesthetically appealing than a stuffy old couch.

5. Add a Waffle-Like Trim Pattern to the Walls

Shabby Chic Waffle Trim.jpeg


Waffle-like trim can elevate and transform a room. Notice how the walls in this living room bring a bit of personality to the space. This is the power of a subtle hand. It doesn’t take much to completely alter the look of a room. To further embrace the shabby chic style, don’t ignore your walls, make them a part of the design. 

6. Pair Shabby Chic with Dark, Industrial Features

Option M - Shabby Chic - Bedroom - 2022

This is the definition of contrast. When you pair the soft, neutral colors and natural woodgrain furnishings of shabby chic designs with dark, bold features, you get something incredibly gorgeous. Notice how the unique use of chair rail under the crown creates excitement without drawing too much attention from other interior features.

7. Add Fairytale Colors

Shabby Chic Pink.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/can-you-believe-its-not-a-painting/  Source: https://www.classicaladdiction.com/2012/09/traditional-home-holiday-show-house-2012/ 

No law dictates that you can’t use fun and imaginative colors when you’re going for a shabby chic look. So, why not embrace a little bit of the fairy tale aesthetic? A room full of soft pinks and purples paired with earth tones and rustic furniture is a perfect way to embrace the shabby chic aesthetic. 

8. Break up the Wall with Picture Rail

Shabby Chic Picture Rail.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/weeks-finished-space-holly-jolly-home/christmas-home-tour-2013-four-generations-one-roof/  Source: https://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/

A picture rail is a brilliant way to break up the monotony of a typical wall. It allows you to create two tones, embracing a pop of green on top and white on the bottom. If

you’d like to dive further into the shabby chic interior design style, picture rails are a great place to display decorations, like distressed signs and ornate picture frames. 

9. Let the Light In

Shabby Chic Light.jpeg


The shabby chic design aesthetic is supposed to feel warm, soft, and inviting. Nothing brightens and warms a room more than sunlight. Pull back those curtains and let in some light. It’s a great way to create a happy and cozy environment for you, your family, and your guests.

10. Turn Your Home into a Cottage

Shabby Chic Cottage.jpeg


There’s nothing quite as cozy and beautiful as the cottage look, which pairs so remarkably well with the shabby chic design aesthetic. This look is both regal and rustic. Check out how the plaster walls provide a ton of contrast with the dark, natural wood outlining the second-floor balcony. In addition to the ornate rug, cozy chairs, and rustic fireplace, this feels like the perfect place to spend a long weekend.

Update Your Living Room With Trim and Moulding

If you aren’t sure which design styles and décor ideas are right for you, check out our inspiration gallery to find your preferred design style and identify the moulding and trim that’s perfect for your shabby chic home.