How to Use Trim & Moulding for Shelf Design

December 12, 2022

By: The Finished Space

Trim and moulding often evoke images of luxurious home renovations, beautiful ceilings, and complex décor. You might be surprised to learn that both components provide an accessible and affordable way to incorporate stunning shelf design into nearly any interior.

5 Ways to Create Shelves from Trim and Moulding

Window sill shelf with trim and moulding

By using trim and moulding to provide the structure, along with some crafty ingenuity, shelves can provide you with unique storage solutions. 

Here are five ways to use moulding and trim to create a functional shelf:

1. Ornamental Shelf 

The simplest way to utilize trim and moulding for a shelf is to create an ornamental shelf. An ornamental shelf is primarily used for decorative purposes rather than storage. With a few pieces of trim and moulding and the ability to remember basic measurements, this elegant shelf is incredibly straightforward to create and perfect for any DIYer looking for a new trim and moulding application.

2. Basic Shelf

If you’re in the market for a functional shelf, basic construction utilizing trim and moulding produces a sturdy and attractive structure. Unlike ornamental shelves, these simple shelves can become just as much of a feature in the room as any other furniture piece. To construct basic shelves, you will need a few materials and an assortment of trim and moulding to create the structure.

3. Open-Frame Shelf

Open-frame shelves are a great way to display photos, knick-knacks, or small sculptures. This type of shelf utilizes trim and moulding to create a frame in which the items can be delicately perched for secure display. In this way, you can display prized items through an open-frame shelf that doubles as a feature in the room.

4. Mirrored Shelf

Mirrored shelves are excellent options for small spaces, as they can help double the appearance of your room’s size. With the help of trim and moulding, it’s possible to construct a shelf that also doubles as a mirror. For a simple mirrored shelf, you’ll need a few trim and moulding pieces and some mirror tiles.

5. A Three-Layer Floating Shelf

Accessory storage and shelves with mouldings

You can even create a floating shelf by using different molding and trim pieces and adhering them together to create a single piece that should be strong enough to hold everyday items, including candles, pictures, and books.

  1. The top layer is a baseboard. Lay it flat and adhere it to the second layer. This will be the topmost part of your shelf and should have the largest surface area.

  2. The second layer is crown moulding, which will be the most decorative part of the floating shelf.

  3. Finally, finish out the shelf with a small strip of baseboard adhered upside down to the bottom of the crown moulding.

The finished result will look absolutely stunning!

4 Other Unique Applications for Trim and Moulding

Trim and moulding can be used in many creative ways, and there are plenty of unique applications for them which can add personality to any home. 

Here are four other unique ways to use trim and moulding to elevate your interior design

1. Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to add character to any room in your home. Using trim and moulding to create a custom design adds dimension, texture, and interest. You can use various trim and moulding styles to complete the look you want, from traditional to contemporary and everything in-between.

2. Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are a timeless way to introduce a classic and elegant touch to any room. Using trim and moulding to create a unique medallion design is an easy way to dress up a room instantly. It can be completed with a coat of paint or purposefully distressed to give it an antique look.

3. Interior Window Treatments

Installing a custom window treatment with trim and moulding can give any room a luxurious feel. Add a touch of drama by incorporating decorative finishes such as crown moulding to the window frame, or achieve a simpler and sleeker look with flat trim moulding.

4. Columns

Trim and moulding can also be used to create custom decorative columns that can help define your space. The possibilities are endless, so you can really get creative with it!

Create Beautiful Shelves with Metrie

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Using trim and moulding to design shelves isn’t as daunting as it sounds. With the right materials, a little creativity, and some guidance on proper measurements, trim and moulding can help everyone, regardless of skill level, create beautiful shelves.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, Metrie provides all the trim and moulding you need to get started on any shelf construction project. Our selection of trim and moulding can help redefine your home design. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your shelf design today!

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