Update Tradition with a New Traditional Style

August 1, 2020

By: The Finished Space

If you appreciate traditional style as an à la carte then revamp your classic home with our Option {M} New Traditional style, which includes carefully curated combinations of moulding and interior doors that come together to help you achieve this look in any space!

Option M - New Traditional - Dining Room - 2022

The traditional, sloping curves with modern bevels at each end of the crown moulding help connect the walls to the ceiling in a clean, classic way. In addition, bright-colored accents offer a vibrant yet sophisticated touch, while bronze furnishings and animal prints merge contemporary with traditional.

Take a closer look at the spaces below to see how other designers and influencers showcase their New Traditional design with our interior finishings!


Hat TipJeweled Interiors


Hat Tip: Jeweled Interiors

ORC-MASTER-BEDROOM-REVEAL-fix-1-of-1-5-jewel-wall moulding

Hat Tip: Jeweled Interiors


Hat Tip: A Glass of Bovino

REEB-DOORS-SHOT-FINAL-1-bovino-wall moulding-blue

Hat Tip: A Glass of Bovino


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