11 Window Casing Design Ideas for a Sophisticated Home

September 20, 2020

By: The Finished Space

Many homeowners put a lot of thought into furniture, room layouts, paint colors, and where to hang their beautiful chandelier when designing a sophisticated home. Unfortunately, they often overlook the importance of window casings to a room's decor — a design mistake. The style, color, and texture of the window casings can improve a home's comfort. Please read on for Metrie's eleven interior window casing ideas to help you create an elegant and refined home. 

What are Window Casings?

Window casings surround the window frame, covering the gap between the drywall and the window, sealing out the elements, extreme temperatures, and pests. They are often the final step in a window installation. Fortunately, Metrie offers many options for materials, finishes, and casings styles that will enhance the sophisticated style of your home.

11 Window Casing Design Ideas

1. Oak Casing and Trim

11 Interior Window Casing Ideas for a Sophisticated Home

The straight, clean lines and well-appointed natural oak casing, wainscoting, and beams produce texture and a soft warmth that nicely blends with the cold winter scene just outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. The seafoam-green walls and ceiling further add depth to the serene and peaceful ambiance of this reserved yet sophisticated space.

2. A Light and Dark Contrast

A Light and Dark Contrast

The strong lines and precise geometry produce a tailored and timeless look. The contrasting colors of black and white around the windows create a focal point, drawing the eyes towards the calming outdoors. The elegant room further contrasts the rich,soft-tan walls with dark brown natural-wood beams, adding texture and interest to the stately and refined room.

3. A Wainscoting Continuation

A Wainscoting Continuation

The warmly painted panel wainscoting provides a continuation of the grey-green decorative window trim, creating a cohesive, warm feel to this eclectic home office. The traditional tufted chair and lighting, the modern desk and side table, and the ornate window dressings all marry together with the walls and windows to produce a sophisticated and unique office. 

4. Warm, Neutral Colors

Wood Kitchen with Coffered Ceiling - After - Cropped

The warm natural wood cabinets and window casings create an intimate feel in this large kitchen, providing a focal point that will draw family and friends together. To give texture and contrast to the room, kitchen stools with tan padded seats and dark-brown legs were used at the bright white island. The straight lines created by the island, countertops, bench, and ceiling offer a sense of tranquility, order, cleanliness, and safety — vital features of a refined-modern kitchen. 

5. Get a Pop of Contrast

Get a Pop of Contrast

A pop of dark-blue color to the windows' frame against classic white casings and walls will move the guest's eyes, allowing them to quietly enhance all aspects of this contemporary dining room. The white wainscoting brings the two living areas together, creating an open floor plan with elegance and warmth. 

6. Wide Modern Trim

Coco & Jack - Shiplap Playroom

Designer: Coco & Jack | Photography: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling

The diagonal lines of the wide-modern trim on the stairway suggest movement and add energy to this cozy play area, where the whimsical floor beckons to strengthen a child's imagination. Vertical shiplap on the walls visually enhances the space, drawing eyes upward towards the windows, pulling in the natural lighting. Painting this tiny space all white, including the wide-modern window trim and floorboards, gives the illusion of a bigger space.

7. White on Dark Walls

Heather Cochran - Blue Dining Room

Simple white window casing on bold or dark walls creates a refined-timeless look that expands the room’s feel. The bright trim will draw your eyes outdoors, highlighting the natural lighting. Modern art and a wooden table and chairs add depth and texture to this sophisticated eating area.

8. Black Window Trim

Black Window Trim



Classic, black window trim creates instant high-fashion appeal, framing the outdoors like a piece of art. The pale-white walls contrasted with black trim tie together the many textures and patterns of this layered family space that features rustic wooden furniture, green accents, and a white chandelier that’s sure to be a conversation-starter.

9. Use an Architrave or Header

Use an Architrave or Header

Accenting the top of a window with a decorative architrave adds texture and elevates the grandeur and interest in a room. Painting the architrave, window trim, and walls, the same soft-white color adds a modern, sleek look to a sophisticated space. Architraves provide a classy alternative to picture frame casing.

10. Dark and Neutral

G.A. White Homes - Office - Shiplap - Gray Home Office with Nature Windows

The clean lines produced by the square casing around the prairie style windows and the symmetry of the wall treatments to just under the crown molding creates a tailored and distinguished office space. The warm-colored, wide, horizontal shiplap panels, contrasted by the darker trim, create a harmonious feel with the outdoors, drawing in the natural light and making the narrow room appear more expansive. The leather couch and textured carpeting add depth and interest to the room.

11. Overlay Casing on Chair Rail and Baseboard

Overlay Casing on Chair Rail and Baseboard

This inspired, elegant living room works cohesively with the layering of baseboards, panel mold boxes, and chair rail throughout the space and underneath the windows. Architraves top the windows, drawing attention upwards to the natural light and crown molding. The dark chairs and tables, green pillows, and artwork provide texture, while the cool-soft blue walls create a calming effect in the welcoming space.

Your Best Bet for High Quality, Stylish Window Casings

A sophisticated home does not require expensive furniture or pieces of art; it only needs a well-balanced and tailored design. Metrie window casings are a quick and simple way to add elegance and style to any room.

Please contact one of our dealers for more information on Metrie window casing.