Meet Amy

July 20, 2023

By: People & Culture

Amy’s Journey at Metrie: Finding Fulfillment and Building Lasting Connections

Amy D - Metrie Employee

Amy's journey with Metrie began years ago, and her initial tenure with the company was marked by a sense of camaraderie and fulfillment. She thrived in her role, embracing the company's values and contributing her skills to the organization's success. However, a desire to explore new opportunities led Amy to make the difficult decision of leaving Metrie.

The following is Amy’s story of leaving and returning back to Metrie. When we interviewed Amy to ask her about her what she enjoys most about Metrie, she told us, “I enjoy the people. My colleagues are my friends. They are my family. I truly enjoy coming to work and the positive atmosphere here at Metrie.”

Driven by a sense of curiosity and ambition, Amy ventured into the unknown, hoping to find something more fulfilling elsewhere. Yet, as she delved into her new role, she discovered that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. The sense of belonging and the support she had once enjoyed at Metrie were absent, and she realized that she had left behind something truly special.

Recognizing the irreplaceable nature of her experience at Metrie, Amy made the courageous choice to return. Metrie welcomed her back with open arms, appreciating her decision to give the company another chance. Amy's return not only demonstrated her loyalty but also reinforced her appreciation for the unique work environment and the relationships she had developed within the organization.

Since her return, Amy's dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. The company recognized her potential and rewarded her with a recent promotion. This acknowledgment of her skills and commitment further solidified Amy's belief in the value of her work and her passion for the organization.

Equally significant in Amy's journey is her admiration for the people she works with. Metrie's supportive culture and the bonds she has formed with her colleagues have played an integral role in her professional growth and happiness. The sense of unity and collaboration within the team have made every day at work a rewarding experience for Amy.

“Home is not just where I lay my head at night. Home is here, too. Home is the people that I work with every day, they are my family, too.”