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March 14, 2023

By: People & Culture

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Charla Lang wasn’t expecting to win the 2020 Value Award for the U.S. Pro Channel, but it came as no surprise to those around her. Having earned the most nominations from her teammates and customers across North America, Charla proved she had the passion and ambition to make a big impact at Metrie.

“It felt good that I was able to influence and support my teammates all across the entire company and that they saw value in that,” Charla said. “It’s probably my proudest personal moment.”

In 2022, Charla celebrated her 10 year work anniversary with Metrie. She started in an entry-level admin position, before progressing to sales then business development, where she honed her skills on the road and grew her expertise in the millwork industry. In her current role as National Sales Manager for National Builders, Charla works with the largest builders across the U.S., helping them construct better quality homes more efficiently.

“I’m heavily involved with the sales team throughout the U.S., working on deals and opportunities,” Charla said. “I have previously served on the U.S. leadership team, working with marketing, product, manufacturing to make sure we’re bringing the right solutions to the builder.”

Charla says she’s grateful to Metrie for the career development opportunities she’s gained, but also credits the supportive environment that helps her maintain balance. By empowering Charla to be her best possible self at home, she can be her best possible self at work as well.

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“I’ve learned a ton and grown a ton,” Charla said. “And it’s provided my family with a good life.”

As a former small business owner focusing on nutrition and training, Charla enjoys getting physical and working on her fitness. She’s also an avid arts and crafts fan, with an entire room in her house devoted to scrapbooking and DIY projects. Charla savors time with her family, which includes her children aged 17 to 2-years-old, with an adoption in-progress to adopt the seventh member of their family. Based in Washington State, they love campfires in nature, cheering on the Seahawks, and getting involved in their community through church. 

“At the end of the day, my family is why I do what I do. Metrie supports that, and that’s really all I need,” Charla said. “I can't say enough about my company. They are so supportive of women in the business. It's been really fulfilling to work for a company that recognizes hard work and dedication.”

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FUN FACT: Charla took a trip to Iceland in 2019 where she saw the Northern Lights and explored the country’s diverse terrain.