Meet Katrina

May 4, 2023

By: People & Culture

EN - People Blog - Katrina Young

Katrina joined the Metrie team when we acquired EL & EL Wood Products, now Metrie EL & EL, in 2022. When we sat with Katrina, we felt our Metrie + Metrie EL & EL mission statement, “Better, Together”, come to life through her story.

Katrina was honest when she told us that, “Naturally, we were worried when we heard we had been acquired.” She shared the story of how the previous owner looked for a good cultural fit. In Katrina’s words she said, “She could not have been more accurate. It has been an awesome experience. My team and I are happy to come to work each day. We are excited about what’s to come. The acquisition knocked the roof off the top of our smaller business. It created many opportunities for minorities and women in our company. It’s been nothing but exciting! There had been lots of growth already, in just the short time we’ve been with Metrie.”

“Number one thing I’m excited about – GROWTH.”

“I’m challenged every day. My role has expanded, which has given me more development opportunities. They’ve sent me to Vancouver. They’ve sent me to Chicago. I wish this had happened 10 years sooner so that more of my career could have been part of this experience.”

“I use kindness and humanity as instruments in my day-to-day leadership and for that to be supported and encouraged - not just from my leader, but from everyone above him - it creates a positive culture. Everybody wants to work together to achieve growth. Metrie took what we had and capitalized on it and made it an even better place to work.”

Better, Together… what this means for Katrina, “The expansion that Metrie opened up with opportunities across North America, for me, being a minority, being a woman, and for my team with women… this is exciting for us because it creates room for us to learn, grow, and be part of a winning team where we feel we belong.”