Meet Matt

October 3, 2023

By: People & Culture

Matthew Kerr eCommerce Manager head shot

Matthew Kerr believes that no matter what your role is in the Building Products industry, you have the opportunity to build something great. Brought on to Metrie during late 2020 as eCommerce Manager, he saw the exciting potential to create a new brand experience from the ground up, and was determined to drive success for Metrie during an uncertain, fluctuating market for building products.

“If you don’t have to change, you’re not going to. The pandemic challenged people to become okay with not being in-person. In our industry, that’s how it’s always gone - the people, the relationships.” Matthew said. “There was an ‘a-ha’ moment in the last year or so where we’ve realized the true potential of eCommerce and there’s been a shift in the industry.”

Starting his career at eBay, Matthew quickly realized the perspective of potential buyers who preferred shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, and wondered how he could recreate that experience online. Translating the tactile trust of product or service to an eCommerce platform is a puzzle that Matthew loves to solve.

“When I saw the opportunity for my current role, I wondered, ‘How do you sell a baseboard online?’.” Matthew said. “I saw it as a great challenge and the chance to truly transform the industry.” And he did, by helping create and release MyMetrie in strategic waves to truly understand the impact the platform had from the beginning.

“Metrie is a customer-first company. We want to make their lives as easy as possible.” He said. Whether direct to consumer, director to business, or internally, Matthew sees compassion everywhere at Metrie. “It goes down the company as well, promoting cross-pollination across teams. Our collaborative learning environment makes everyone happy to be here.”

He appreciates that Metrie values employees as individual contributors and provides the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. “When you invest in the other things and not just push for the dollars to come in, it makes everyone happy to be here and the customers happy to spend their money here.” Matthew said.

When he isn’t working, you might find Matthew catching a Toronto Blue Jays game or going on a walk with his

wife, Emily, and 7-year-old puggle, Dexter. “It’s on my bucket list to catch a World Series game.” he said. “Fingers crossed that it will be in Toronto.”

Matthew and Emily Kerr