Meet Erik

May 31, 2022

By: People & Culture

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We caught up with Erik from his home office in Boston, MA 

Gravitational pull 

"I grew up in a blue collar environment, and I struggled quite a bit coming out of college to find something that fit. And then I got to Metrie, and I found a place that I really gravitated towards

I was very eager to get into the sales world but quickly moved towards the operation side of the business. I found some amazing people there. Ops is the backbone of our business, right?  

The branch I was in, we celebrated everything together with sales. There is a very good dynamic where we appreciated the sales side of the business and they appreciated the operations side. 

So, I always raised my hand to try to gain different experiences because there's always something going on in the business – whether it was Lean training or SAP projects. There was so much opportunity, which ultimately led to a position that I'm in now, which is on a larger scale as part of the Operations Excellence team, supporting the backbone of our business that is critical to our success.  

It's been a very positive experience for me in the 10 years that I've been here.” 


Metrie is growing. We are the leading moulding and millwork company in North America – both in manufacturing and distribution. We have 30+ branches across North America, from Florida to Seattle; and Halifax to Vancouver (and most major hubs in between – like Erik in Boston.) 

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