Meet Sara

May 31, 2022

By: People & Culture

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Sara is originally from New Zealand and we caught up with her recently when she was working “from home” – on her first trip to see family since before COVID. IT was Wednesday for us, and Thursday for her! 


“I don't really want to say, “it's like a family”, but it is! It's just very supportive and nurturing. And I think that the social aspect is great too. We always stop and we do celebrate our successes and there's a connection.  

I started during COVID in 2020 and I met only one of my coworkers in person for the first six months and a lot of people were like, “oh, what’s it like? Aren't you nervous? You’re going to start this job remote?” 

And I thought, “well, we'll see how it goes…” but the very first day I was there - we have these team huddles every day - everyone was just,  

“We're so happy to have you! This is wonderful. Welcome to the team!”  

It was amazing. It really was wonderful. And it's very genuine. It is very genuine. I think that that is very special about our finance team as well.” 


Metrie is growing. We are the leading moulding and millwork company in North America – both in manufacturing and distribution. We have 30+ branches across North America, from Boston to California; and Toronto to Seattle (and most major hubs in between – like Sara, who work in our Head Office in Vancouver.) 

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