Meet Alexis

May 7, 2024

By: People & Culture

Alexis Lopez

In 2017, Alexis joined Metrie. With a background in sales, she was ready for a new challenge that still allowed her to leverage her interpersonal skills. Her role as warehouse admin had her updating pick tickets and interacting closely with sales, fueling her desire to connect on a deeper level with the inventory and procurement side of the business.

When the lead admin role became available, Alexis stepped up, all while embracing motherhood at home with her son, Miles. Yet, as she juggled these responsibilities, she yearned for more. “I loved being a mom at home and work, but I was craving more of a leadership role,” she recalls.

Her big break came when the buyer position opened. Encouraged by her husband Miguel and her HR business partner, Laura, who noticed Alexis had filled out the Career Aspirations Survey (CAS) for procurement, she felt empowered to apply. Landing the role was a pivotal moment. “It was the best feeling to achieve what I set out for. It was a sense of accomplishment that I got what I wanted,” Alexis shares with pride.

Now, 8 months into her buyer role, Alexis is more driven than ever, seeing this position as a stepping stone to future opportunities. She is soaking it all in, learning everything she can about the business, procurement, and our vendors. She emphasizes the importance of planning and trusting the process in one's career journey.