Meet Bilal

September 5, 2023

By: People & Culture

Bilal Njam 2

Metrie is a company that values its employees, its culture, and its operational excellence. That’s what Bilal, our operational excellence leader, discovered when he joined us in 2022. He shares his story of how Metrie impressed him during the hiring process.

Bilal was looking for a job that matched his passion for continuous improvement. He found Metrie online and was impressed by its history, financials, and solid foundation. He said, “Being in business since 1926 was impressive. Metrie must be doing something right being in business and ahead of its competition all these years.” He applied for the job and was invited for a phone interview and a plant tour. He was amazed by the company culture and the leadership style. He said, “All employees are really valued for their skills, work ethic, and what they deliver. It is a team environment, with amazing leadership, and at the same time, you are rewarded in so many ways. Which is exactly what I was looking for in a company.”

He also witnessed the operational excellence of Metrie on the plant floor. He saw how the employees ran the business, how they handled a difficult situation, and how they demonstrated productivity and quality. He said, “I was really impressed with the firm but fair approach of our leadership teams and being on the same wavelength motivated me. I knew I needed to be part of this team.”

He was also impressed by the disciplined and efficient recruitment process. He said, “They had everything proactively ready, from the skill tests, employee packages, forms, etc. They also had great leadership that brought the best out of their employees. I said to myself, wow if the company is like this during the hiring process can’t wait to see what’s under the hood!”

Bilal was hired as a production lead operator and has been with us for almost two years. He is now our operational excellence leader and he is proud to be part of the Metrie family. He says, “Metrie is not just a workplace for me, it is my second home.”

“I received this Metrie coffee mug as a gift, but it’s more than just a coffee mug, it was a small thank you for all the work I’ve been doing, to be honest, I did not expect that. There is nothing better than the first coffee of the day, but the semimetal value it represents really reflects what Metrie means to me. Metrie is a company that really values and invests in its employees at all levels, not only do my teammates invite me in but they also lift me up! The Metrie experience is one of the reasons why Metrie separates itself from its competitors. That was the moment Metrie helped me transform my career from a House to a Home!”

Bilal Njam