Meet Michel

December 5, 2023

By: People & Culture

Michel Fournier headshot people blog

Michel is one of many long-tenured team members. At Metrie, we are proud of the number of team members who continue to say yes to us and choose to grow with the company.

Michel has been with Metrie for almost 20 years! “It seems like 20 years have passed in a flash. Days have been busy,” says Michel.

We asked Michel why he keeps saying yes to Metrie and he told us, “There are several reasons. A couple are that I’ve found my niche, and I have had great support over the years. This support comes from exceptional people who have made a positive environment in which to perform. Also, the owners of our company are caring people with integrity and care for the greater good. The family’s give back community spirit permeates throughout Metrie.”

“Support underpins everything at Metrie.”

Ensuring that our people are supported is an important component of the Metrie fabric. When we asked Michel about support, here’s what he had to say, “The systems and tools available to me to do my job have been easy to learn and great to work with. Aside from the systems, it is the people and the great teams who have helped me over the years. This is what stands out and has made my time here so enjoyable – the people.”

Michel Fournier Headshot for people blog