Meet Nyck

March 26, 2024

By: People & Culture

Nyck Despres

To have an impact on the company for me is to be a good listener while walking around the warehouse. To be a person who is very respectful and friendly with colleagues and who has been able to gain the trust of many. My colleagues open up to me and ask for certain things that they might not be comfortable communicating with their manager or other colleagues. An example would be a colleague who was frustrated, regarding his career and the follow-ups of his performance reviews that were overdue. He was frustrated, he was like, "Ah, they forgot about me." I reassured him that his manager hadn't forgotten about him, that he was probably overwhelmed that week and that a simple reminder could help resolve the situation. Being present, even if it's only a few minutes of our time, is reassuring and it helps in having a positive impact in the warehouse.

What motivates me the most is my work. My brain is constantly stimulated by my tasks, and I learn every day. One of the biggest projects I've worked on at Metrie is participating in a restructuring for better productivity. A few years ago, in our warehouse, we were a small team for a production that required many more people. In this small team, there was no team leader position, other than in the pre-hung. There was a team leader position at the door shop, there was a supervisor and there were maybe 12 or 15 employees in all operations to do a job of maybe 20 employees. This resulted in employees working overtime for several months. With fatigue and the impact on their work-life balance, employees were starting to get a little frustrated. Also, they didn't see the opportunity to evolve in the company. I proposed to my manager to review the structure of the team at the operations level to add more resources but also to create team leader positions for each of the departments. Since then, we have seen a drastic increase in production and higher engagement. I enjoyed being a part of this change and I also learned a lot.

I think that turning houses into homes means working with respect, support and help for colleagues and above all acting as if Metrie was my own company.

I've been working for Metrie for 15 years. 3 years after I joined as a friend, I was appointed team leader of the pre-hung department. The challenges I’ve encountered were that the production was not up to quality standards and the health and safety were off the charts. I was lucky enough to participate in a big intensive Lean project over three days, to improve the department. As a result of this project, we doubled production and greatly improved the safety of the department.

I have worked with several managers who recognized my potential and gave me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and allowed me to discover the person I am, the value I can bring to a company, and this gave me the ability to deal with all kinds of changes and learn to deal better with failures.