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Mouldings are the details and architectural elements that complete a room's interior design. They serve practical, functional purposes, such as covering gaps between drywall and door or window frames. But they can also create dynamic spaces through decorative, ornamental flourishes.

Types of Moulding

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About Mouldings

Ceiling Mouldings

Ceiling mouldings such as crown help add dimension and character to an often overlooked "fifth wall" of a room. They can help establish a specific design style throughout the home or be used to enhance distinct spaces like kitchens or bedrooms.

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About Mouldings

Door & Window Mouldings

Windows and doors are often one of the first things noticed when walking into a home. Door and window moulding not only covers any gaps between the walls and frames, they also take them from functional to beautiful.

Discover Architrave, Sill & Stool, Jambs, Casings, and More!

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About Mouldings

Base & Floor Mouldings

Base mouldings are installed at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor and can be used for both decorative and functional applications. This includes baseboards, base cap and base shoe. Floor mouldings are used in conjunction with flooring, such as thresholds and spline.

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About Mouldings

Wall & Ceiling Treatments

Wall and ceiling treatments are an excellent way to add warmth and dimension to a room or space. They contribute to the impact of other wall décor elements or can be built-in artwork on their own. Explore endless options with Shiplap, Wainscot, Panel Mould, Batten and more.

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