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Doors and windows are often noticed first when walking into a home. Door and window moulding not only covers any gaps between the walls and frames, but also takes them from functional to beautiful.

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An architrave is a form of trim used to accent the top of a doorway, window or opening. It may also be referred to as a header or pediment. High above windows and doors, architraves work to add grandeur to any space – reducing miter lines and elevating your look. A great architrave is, above all else, the dressing that’s built to impress.

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Casing is used generously in spaces, primarily around doors or windows, to cover the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. When installed, casing should be thicker than baseboard mouldings and bring a room together – left to right, top to bottom. Like any framing element, the options are endless, from build-ups of multiple pieces to full wraps. With casing, there’s no wrong way, only your way.

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A jamb can refer to either a top (header) jamb or a side (leg) jamb. These are the top and sides of a door or window and often referred to as the frame that the door or sash are installed on.

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Sill & Stool

The window stool is the part of the window that is visible and commonly called the window sill. The sill of the window is at the bottom horizontal area of a window opening in the wall that supports the stool and is not visible once a stool has been installed.

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