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Base & Floor Mouldings

Base mouldings are those installed at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor and used for both decorative and functional applications. This includes baseboards, base cap and base shoe. Floor mouldings are those that are used in conjunction with flooring, such as thresholds and spline.

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Great baseboards create a smooth transition from the floor to the wall, guiding you seamlessly from room to room. They work in harmony with your door and window casings, and should be slightly thinner than your casing for a proper installation.
Base & Floor Mouldings - Image Grid Item - Base - Baseboard Cap

Baseboard Cap

Baseboard caps can solve a number of moulding and trim needs. Typically added to the top of an eased or square edge baseboard, caps are used to add interest and create more complex base build-ups.
Base & Floor Mouldings - Image Grid Item - Base - Baseboard Shoe

Base Shoe

Base shoes work to solve numerous moulding and trim needs. Base shoes are primarily used to trim flooring materials and are often used in combination with a traditional baseboard to conceal gaps between the floor and the baseboard.
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A piece of moulding used to cover the gap when transitioning between two different flooring types.
Base & Floor Mouldings - Image Grid Item - Spline


A thin piece of moulding that fits into the groove of a tongue and groove flooring and is used to reverse the direction of flooring.
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