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Wall & Ceiling Treatments

Wall and ceiling treatments are an excellent way to add warmth and dimension to a room or space. They contribute to the impact of other wall décor elements or can be built-in artwork on their own.

Ceiling mouldings such as crown help add dimension and character to an often overlooked "fifth wall" of a room. They can help establish a specific design style throughout the home or be used to enhance distinct spaces like kitchens or bedrooms.

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Designed to sit at an angle between the wall and ceiling, crown is sometimes referred to as a cornice. Crown can also be integrated over a door or window, as part of the mantel on a fireplace, or on top of a column.
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Bed Mould

Similar to crown moulding, bed mould is used to cover the joint between the ceiling and wall. Can be either sprung or plain, or flush to the wall as an extension of a cornice mould.
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Shingle Mould

Shingle mould, also known as rake mould is traditionally used on the rake of a building or around exterior window frames. May also be used in applications similar to panel moulds.
Wainscot wall treatment


Trimwork installed in the area below a chair rail. Many designs can be achieved depending on the profiles selected including raised panel, shadow box and beaded. Combined with a chair rail and baseboard, wainscoting creates a dramatic look in any room.
Plycap wall treatment


Ply caps are used to enhance existing or new moulding by slipping over paneling edge to create a transition point or a simple chair rail.
Tongue & Groove wall treatment

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove paneling is used to decorate or cover a wall. The boards fit together edge to edge using a slot and ridge on the opposite edge.
Shiplap wall treatment


In interior design, shiplap is a style of wall siding characterized by long planks. They are mounted horizontally or vertically with a slight gap between.
Teak wall treatment

Teak Wall

3D Teak wall paneling is constructed from repurposed solid hardwoods and designed to help add dimension and texture. These textured panels are ideal for accent walls, above fireplaces, or anywhere you want to add interest.
Wall & Ceiling Treatments - Chair Rail

Chair Rail

Chair rail is typically applied to a wall between 24-72" from the floor. They've been used to protect walls from the backs of chairs, but are mostly used as beautiful room accents and are often paired with a wainscot treatment.
Panel moulding wall treatment

Panel Mould

Panel moulding can refer to a variety of moulding profiles most often used to create or embellish panels on either flat or recessed surfaces. These mouldings are commonly used on doors, walls, architectural paneling, mantels and cornice assemblies.
Board and batten wall treatment

Board & Batten

Board & Batten refers to style of moulding application traditionally characterized by rectangular or square patterns that typically covers the entirety of the wall.
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