4 Back Band Trim Profiles & Moulding Design Ideas

June 27, 2022

By: The Finished Space

If you’ve looked into baseboards or window and door casings, you’ve probably heard of back band trim. However, even if you haven’t heard the term “backband trim” before, you’ve definitely seen it.

Back band moulding is a popular style of trim that quickly elevates a room. In this article, we’ll look at what backband trim is, and then we’ll share some examples of back band trim profiles to inspire your design.

What is Back Band Moulding?

Backband moulding, sometimes also called backband trim and backband casing, is a type of trim that’s typically installed alongside baseboards or door and window casings. Backband moulding adds thickness to existing moulding and trim and instantly boosts the architectural interest.

In other words, a baseboard or casing with a backband is simply a casing with an added piece of trim (the back band trim) to add extra thickness or visual intrigue.

As with most other trim types, back band moulding can come in various colors, profiles, and materials to match any aesthetic. Let’s look at a few examples to give you an idea of how versatile back band moulding profiles and styles can be.

4 Back Band Moulding Profiles and Designs to Inspire Your Home Design

Here are four lovely rooms that effortlessly incorporate backband moulding into their design. Take a look at these back band trim profiles and designs for some inspiration for your next project:

1. Wonderful Trim with Accented Panels

For Blog Only - Dark Green Entry with White Panel Door

This entryway dazzles from top to bottom. The trim carries from the floor all the way across the walls ending in a handsome recessed ceiling. Layers of trim lead the eye to the door, where back band trim helps to frame and elevate the entry portal. The fantastic added touch of bright, dark green accent coloring within the trim panels makes this entryway stand boldly yet elegantly.

2. Classy and Ornate

Livingston Door Casing

This door shows an up-close-and-personal look at the power of back band trim. The normal door frame is dressed up with a luscious, ornate back band trim, crowned with architrave moulding on top of the door. The heavy trim accents are complemented beautifully by a light monochrome wallpaper to help the trim pop and not get lost in a wall of white.

3. The Romantic Bathroom

For Blog Only - Bathroom with Bathtub

The gigantic garden tub is the star of this bathroom, and the subtle design choices made sure to highlight it. The neutral and white color palette allows your eyes to be drawn to the bath and the large, overstated windows. The window casing with back band further draws the eyes toward the focal point of the bathroom. Every single piece of this design is intentional, and it’s part of why this bathroom is such a success.

4. A Sophisticated Pantry Door

Kitchen and Pantry Door

This welcoming kitchen space decided to go the extra mile by adding trim to a small pantry door. Not always an opening given much consideration, the back band trim and architrave moulding make this little door into a special aesthetic addition to the kitchen, helping to underline the style and create visual intrigue.

Add Gorgeous Back Band Moulding to Your Home with Metrie’s High-Quality Backband Trim Profiles

Ultimately, backband moulding is a finishing touch that adds thickness and texture to baseboards and window and door casings. As illustrated by the back band trim profiles, back band moulding is a seemingly minor detail that elevates existing designs to the next level.

At Metrie, we’re proud to offer an array of high-quality backband moulding and trim profiles designed by top designers from around the world. You can check out our collection of backband trim here.

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