Baseboard Caps and Shoe Trim Moulding Profiles and Design Ideas

June 13, 2022

By: The Finished Space

If you’re interested in learning more about baseboard cap moulding or baseboard shoe moulding, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re deep-diving into base cap moulding and baseboard shoe trim. In this article, we’ll discuss the purpose of a baseboard top cap and baseboard shoe. Then, we’ll share how some designers tastefully included base cap moulding profiles and baseboard shoe moulding profiles in their designs.

What is Base Cap Moulding Used for? The Purpose of Baseboard Shoe Trim and Baseboard Cap Trim

It’s no secret that baseboards add a lot of character to a room. However, they also serve the functional purpose of hiding where the floor and walls come together. Similarly, base cap moulding and base shoe trim provide style and function to a space and solve numerous trim and moulding needs.

Let’s look at both baseboard elements to get a clear idea of what each brings to the table.

Baseboard Cap Moulding

Baseboard cap trim refers to the piece of moulding that goes on top of the baseboard – like a cap. It’s simply a baseboard with a cap on top of it. Baseboard cap trim helps create a more complex and interesting baseboard. It’s a straightforward way to create a larger baseboard with a more distinguished appearance.

Baseboard Shoe Moulding

Like base cap moulding, baseboard shoe moulding is a terrific way to spice up an otherwise traditional baseboard. Baseboard shoe trim goes along the bottom of a baseboard – like a shoe. In addition to adding a stylistic element, baseboard shoe moulding also serves a functional purpose. The primary purpose of a baseboard shoe trim is to hide the transition between the floor and the bottom of the wall.

4 Designs That Include Baseboard Shoe Moulding Profiles (and Baseboard Base Cap Moulding Profiles)

All six of the following examples show what a stark difference a baseboard with a base cap and baseboard shoe moulding can make:

1. Achieving The Modern Beachy Aesthetic with a White Baseboard Cap and Shoes

Riverside Barn Door Livingroom

From the bright, baby blue walls to the coffered ceiling and the sliding barn doors, this room has a lot of wow moments. This designer makes all these elements work and pulls everything together with the white baseboards with both caps and shoes installed. By adding extra height and weight to the baseboards, the baseboards hold their own and complement the room nicely. 

2. Adding Texture with a Monochromatic Baseboard Cap

For Blog Only - Sarah Gibson, of Room For Tuesday - Living Room Picture Mould

Sarah Gibson

Using a monochromatic color story is always challenging because you have to make the finishing touches stand out without any color contrast. In designs like these, the moulding pieces (including the baseboard cap) help add texture and visual intrigue.

3. Elevate a Modern Dining Room with Baseboard Caps and Shoes

For Blog Only - Stock Photo, No Credits - Dining Room Table

The baseboards dramatically impact this room thanks to the added height and dimension the baseboard caps and shoes add. Without the extra weight and height, the baseboards could have easily melted into the background, and the overall aesthetic of this dining room might have missed the target.

4. Highlight the Contrast with Added Height and Width

Masonite - Livingston - Hallway of Door and Picture Mould

These awe-inspiring walls dazzle with their details. The moulding and trim pieces are stacked to create depth, dimension, and texture. The baseboards (and baseboard caps and shoes) are painted in a complementary creamy shade that plays wonderfully against the grey color on the walls.

Get Gorgeous Baseboard Cap Trim and Baseboard Shoe Moulding for Your Next Project

Baseboard cap trim and baseboard shoe moulding are great additions to a room. Whether you want to add dimension or conceal a transition – baseboard caps and shoes are an ideal trim solution to consider. At Metrie, we offer a wide range of top-quality base cap moulding and baseboard shoe moulding profiles. All our finishing touches are designed by top designers from around the world, so you’re sure to find a gorgeous option to fit your goals. Check out our stunning collection of baseboard cap trim and baseboard shoe moulding here.